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Witches wish to cast joyful spell

By Tamara Ikenberg

On Friday, good witches all around the world will be summoned to cast spells for peace, love, hope and prosperity. The Rev. Edward Hubbard, CEO and director of the Witch School (, is organizing a global experimental spell-casting marathon. Hubbard, based in Hoopeston, Ill., talked to us recently about changing the world and how television and movies portray witches.

Q: What’s the point of this global spell-fest?

A: On the more mundane level, it’s just getting people to think about what love is, what hope is. On a higher level, we actually believe anything that’s thought about gets manifested into the universe one way or the other. One of the things we do believe is that the brain sends out all sorts of signals. We also think people’s minds pick up thoughts of other people as well. … No politics. This is not pro-Bush, this is not anti-Bush, this is not pro-Iraq; we’re leaving that in the hands of group unconsciousness.

Read the original article at: The Courier-Journal

Read the original article at: The Courier-Journal

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