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Tom DeLay, War on Christianity

The conference was entitled, “The War on Christians and the Values Voter in 2006,” so the topic of Tom DeLay’s speech to conferees came as no surprise. The scope of his comments, however, went somewhat beyond the headline.

“Our faith has always been in direct conflict with the values of the world,” Rep. Tom DeLay . . . → Read More: Tom DeLay, War on Christianity

The Orphic Mysteries

The Orphic Mysteries was said to have being founded by the mythical singer, Orpheus, though the earliest knowledge about this cult was only known to exist as early as the 6th century BC. Many poems and songs were attributed to Orpheus, which his pupil, named Musaeus, was said to have brought to Greece from Thrace.

. . . → Read More: The Orphic Mysteries

Lunar Sun Block – Solar Eclipse

By Donna Juzva

A solar eclipse or eclipse of the sun occurs when the moon is dark or new. This is the first phase of the moon in which it is barely visible. The new moon has the sun at its back. It rises with the sun. The new moon is a time for introspection . . . → Read More: Lunar Sun Block – Solar Eclipse

Spotlight on Pagan Music

by Jason Pitzl-Waters

The 5 bag pipe players and 3 percussionists of Corvus Corax have created an unmistakable sound, which unites the haunting medieval melodies with hypnotic dance rhythms and drives audiences wild every time they play. Corvus Corax have long been acclaimed for their legendary concerts and few can avoid getting caught up . . . → Read More: Spotlight on Pagan Music

Wiccan high priestess has designs on V-A

Wiccans just want their rights. And the rights for their dead soldiers. Wiccan high priestess, Selena Fox from Barneveld Wisconsin, traveled to Washington this week, arguing for those rights. Her church is just the latest to petition for the rights of wiccan soldiers to be honored at death with a memorial that bears a pentangle, . . . → Read More: Wiccan high priestess has designs on V-A

Morons Buried with Phones

When Martin Raymond of The Future Laboratory first heard of folks being buried with their cell phones, he assumed it was a myth.

He says the trend started in Cape Town, South Africa and was fueled by fear of witchcraft. Locals worried they would be placed under a spell and accidentally be buried alive. . . . → Read More: Morons Buried with Phones

Confirmation of 2008 papal visit?

The Vatican is expected to announce that Pope Benedict XVI will make his first visit to Canada in 2008 for an international event in Quebec City. A report in Wednesday’s Globe and Mail said the visit will likely be confirmed at a news conference on Thursday.

Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the primate of the Roman Catholic . . . → Read More: Confirmation of 2008 papal visit?

Dream discoveries


Looking for a low-cost path to self-knowledge? A way to mine your subconscious for clues to your motivations, desires and fears? No need to undertake years of therapy or analysis. Just look to your dreams.

“You can ignore your dreams, which most people do, but you are really doing yourself a . . . → Read More: Dream discoveries

Warding Off the Energy Vampires

By Lauren Ravenstar

Energy vampires aren’t much discussed, but they do exist and can cause significant problems. If you feel drained by someone’s presence it is likely they are drawing on your energy to feed their own system. Luckily you don’t need to cut off their head & drive a stake through their heart to . . . → Read More: Warding Off the Energy Vampires

Easter bunny part of pagan legend

Sharman Robertson

Easter will be celebrated Sunday, April 16. Many traditions of this religious holiday have their origins in pagan rituals and beliefs. Centuries before Christ, the pagan tribes of Europe worshipped a beautiful goddess of spring named Eostre (EE-ah-tra). Festivals celebrating the end of winter and the birth of spring were held in her . . . → Read More: Easter bunny part of pagan legend