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Hamas says it will gently push Islamic law

By Mohammed Assadi

Hamas will use Sharia as a guide for legislation after winning Palestinian elections, but has no plan to enforce strict Islamic law, to close bars, or to stop men and women mixing in public, a senior leader said yesterday. Hamas’s victory in last week’s parliamentary election has stirred concerns among more liberal . . . → Read More: Hamas says it will gently push Islamic law

Hogmanay 2007 with Canadian theme

SCOTLAND’S historic and cultural links with Canada are to be the focus of the nation’s biggest Hogmanay celebration. Organisers of Edinburgh’s New Year festivals say a Canadian theme will be central to this year’s event under plans to expand the international flavour of the festivities.City leaders are drawing up plans to attract leading performers and . . . → Read More: Hogmanay 2007 with Canadian theme

Viking fire festival set to take light

Preparations are gearing up for Shetland’s annual Up Helly Aa Viking fire festival on Tuesday night. The event sees up to 1,000 costumed “guizers”, complete with flaming torches, set a Viking longship ablaze after a procession in Lerwick.

Shetland and Orkney were ruled by the Norse for about 500 years until they became part . . . → Read More: Viking fire festival set to take light

Dream Symbols – Fairy, Fairies

By Parthena Black

Folklore and children’s stories are rich in emotional and psychological symbolism. Children understand symbols more than words, and these stories can help both children and adults find expression for their hopes and dreams. Fairies grant wishes, take us places and play mischievous tricks on people. Interestingly enough, our society calls these stories . . . → Read More: Dream Symbols – Fairy, Fairies

Occultists swindle Muscovites out of 10 mill anually

Moscow – The occult services market is estimated to amount to 8-10 million dollars a year in Moscow today. In total, over 2 thousand licensed healers have been officially registered in Russia, while unlicensed witch-doctors are over 100 thousand, Novye izvestiya daily writes on Monday.

Last week, Moscow Duma deputies announced their intention to . . . → Read More: Occultists swindle Muscovites out of 10 mill anually

Egyptian goddess found in temple dig

By Margaret Neighbour

Egyptologists have discovered two 3,400-year-old statues of the lion-headed goddess Sekhmet and a rare statue depicting a king with Nubian features, an archaeological conservation director said yesterday. Sekhmet, a war goddess, embodied the cruel powers of the sun and was also responsible for both curing and causing illness.

The excavation team believe . . . → Read More: Egyptian goddess found in temple dig

Hex Art – Artist does modernizes American art form

By Rebecca Yerger

Kathy Dennett was searching for an inspired birthday gift when she decided to draw on an idea from her birthplace in Pennsylvania: She painted a variation on a hex sign, those forms of American art popular in Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

More than 10 years later, Dennett has created more than 500 hex . . . → Read More: Hex Art – Artist does modernizes American art form

Scientists to track ‘Bigfoot’

The government of the Malaysian state of Johor says it is to organise an attempt to track down a legendary ape man reputed to roam its jungles.

Malays have gone crazy for Big Foot, known in local legend as Hantu Jarang Gigi (ghosts with widely spaced teeth). The country has been gripped since November when . . . → Read More: Scientists to track ‘Bigfoot’

Vampire Governor Candidate Arrested

A candidate for governor whose platform includes public impalement of terrorists found himself behind bars Tuesday on a pair of outstanding arrest warrants. Jonathon Sharkey, 41, of Princeton, was arrested Monday night on two felony counts from Indiana, said Mike Smith, the Mille Lacs County jail administrator. One warrant was for escape, another for stalking.

. . . → Read More: Vampire Governor Candidate Arrested

film by Cult Director Oleksiy Chaukin

Buffalo, New York (PRWEB) January 31, 2006 — Red Scream Films LLC announced that it has acquired the rights to the last film directed by cult Ukrainian director Oleksiy Chaukin, “The Eldritch: A Tale of Erotic Violence”?. Shot in 1990 but never completed, this film was considered lost until a workprint showed up on an . . . → Read More: film by Cult Director Oleksiy Chaukin