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Stonehenge’s purpose still a matter of debate

For more than 1,500 years, countless Neolithic and Bronze Age peoples labored to build the mysterious stone structure known as Stonehenge. Why? What was its purpose? Legend once tied the structure to the Druids, but it was built far earlier than their era and there is no evidence they took any interest in it at . . . → Read More: Stonehenge’s purpose still a matter of debate

A Long Way From Executing Witches

By Richard Brown and Lawrence Goodheart

New England has long balked at executing women. Among the 168 people put to death in Connecticut since 1636, only 19 were female. This month marks the 100th anniversary of the last time a woman from the region (Mary Mabel Rogers of Vermont) was executed. But New . . . → Read More: A Long Way From Executing Witches

Can You Marry a Muggle?

By Tasha Lower

He’s a good guy, and you would never guess it. He tears up at road kill. He owns one too many airbrushed animal t-shirts. He nibbles on things we come across on hikes. But unfortunately, he is not now, nor has he ever been, a pagan.

Where were you at six? “I . . . → Read More: Can You Marry a Muggle?

Holiday plant lore

By Cathy Walworth

Holly wreaths were sent to newlyweds in ancient Rome to express congratulations and good will. Like other people around the world, the Romans believe that the holly warded off evil spirits. In England, holly protected against witches, dogs and wild beasts. Soon every house, church, street corner and market was decorated . . . → Read More: Holiday plant lore

Archaeologists say rain eroding Acropolis foundations

Archaeologists conducting restoration work on the Acropolis said heavy rain is eroding the foundation of the ancient structure.

Restorers have spend decades replacing rusted iron clamps and cement inserts on the Acropolis’ three main monuments, the Parthenon, the Propylea and the temple of Athena Nike, after a misguided attempt to strengthen the temple was conducted . . . → Read More: Archaeologists say rain eroding Acropolis foundations

Wicca’s World: Looking Into the Pagan Phenomenon

Witchcraft is moving into the mainstream in the Netherlands. A Dutch court has ruled that the costs of witchcraft lessons can be tax-deductible, the Associated Press reported Oct. 31. The previous month, the Leeuwarden District Court confirmed the legal right to write off the costs of schooling — including in witchcraft — against tax bills. . . . → Read More: Wicca’s World: Looking Into the Pagan Phenomenon

What is the Deal with Wicca?

By Diana Pederson, BellaOnline’s Christian Literature Editor

Steve Russo. What’s the Deal with Wicca?. Bethany House. 2005.

Teens are turning to witchcraft for answers to life’s questions. Some have done so because the church has failed to effectively teach what Christians believe and why Christ is the only way of salvation. Russo speaks to high . . . → Read More: What is the Deal with Wicca?

Conversion of lost Jewish tribe

By Shaikh Azizur Rahman

A complaint from India, apparently following pressure from Hindu and Christian groups, has forced Israel to suspend conversion of thousands from a lost tribe of Jews. Israel’s chief rabbi of the Sephardic Jews, Shlomo Amar, recognized northeast India’s 9,000 Bnei Menashes as one of the 10 lost tribes of biblical Israel, . . . → Read More: Conversion of lost Jewish tribe

Review of Omnia – Crone of War

By Malahki Thorn

Artist: Omnia Title: Crone of War Label: Zap Productions Genre: Neo Cletic / Pagan Folk

Heathen Harvest had the privilege of coming upon artists Omnia during the Wave Gothic Treffen Festival in Leipzig Germany. Omnia was featured as one of the medieval acts playing at the festivals Viking Village. Upon hearing the . . . → Read More: Review of Omnia – Crone of War

Death gets personal

By Siri Agrell

Tom Flood has seen the visitation room of his funeral home decorated with golf clubs and gardening tools. He has watched people conduct services via PowerPoint presentation and drape caskets in blankets crocheted by the deceased. One man brought in his two daughters so he could buy them lockets in which they . . . → Read More: Death gets personal