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Campaign underway for winter vote

Canadians will choose their next government on Jan. 23, the first winter election in decades. Paul Martin emerged from Rideau Hall on Tuesday morning to announce that Gov. Gen. Michaëlle Jean had dissolved Parliament at his request and set the election date.

The Liberal minority government fell Monday evening in a no-confidence vote, exactly . . . → Read More: Campaign underway for winter vote

Native ‘Stonehenge’ mounds desecrated by a golf course

By Christopher Maag

The Hopewell Indians used sharp sticks and clamshells here 2,000 years ago to sculpture seven million cubic feet of dirt into a sprawling lunar observatory and the spiritual center of their far-flung empire. Today it is an easy Par 3 flanked by sand traps shaped like kidney beans. For generations, few thought . . . → Read More: Native ‘Stonehenge’ mounds desecrated by a golf course

First-ever Asatru forest

Neo-pagan Asatru practitioners have designated woodland near Silkeborg as the first-ever official outdoor sanctuary for the ancient faith. Adherents of the old Nordic religion Asatru have purchased a 12-km wooded area in Silkeborg Council, which will become the first site in modern-day Denmark consecrated to the worship of old Norsk gods.

The woodland was purchased . . . → Read More: First-ever Asatru forest

The Road to Ephesus

by Barbara Stoner

[…]The Artemesian is not in the city. It lies further down the road, on the outskirts of Selcuk. I take a taxi to the museum, where I am to meet Canan. Here, finally, I find my goddess. There is one beautiful room dedicated to the Artemisian and to Artemis herself with two . . . → Read More: The Road to Ephesus

Tanzania suffers rise of witchcraft hysteria

They came for Lemi Ndaki in the night. “I was sleeping when I heard a noise,” explains the 70-year-old Tanzanian grandmother. “There was no security in my hut and the door was easy to open. I got up to see about the noise and someone grabbed me and chopped off my arm with a machete. . . . → Read More: Tanzania suffers rise of witchcraft hysteria

Flame lighting in Olympia flirted with Pagan ritual

The curse of the Winter Olympics struck again, with heavy clouds over the birthplace of the ancient games frustrating efforts Sunday to light the flame for Turin using the sun’s rays. […]Attending officials Sunday did not include representatives of the Orthodox Church of Greece, which frowns on the ceremony’s flirtation with pagan ritual.

“The church . . . → Read More: Flame lighting in Olympia flirted with Pagan ritual

Pomegranate: Fruit of many faiths

By Nancy Haught

Next time you’re wandering the produce aisle, pick up a pomegranate and treat yourself to a lesson on world religions. Beneath that smooth, red and bitter skin lie hundreds of tiny scarlet seeds – and almost as many religious associations.

“People use whatever is at hand to express their religious beliefs,” says . . . → Read More: Pomegranate: Fruit of many faiths

Carnal Knowledge – Mr. and Mrs. God?

By Faye Flam

As a trained biblical theologian turned archaeologist, Dever spent more than 30 years excavating in Israel trying to understand the people who gave rise to today’s monotheistic religions. In various inscriptions and artifacts, he’s uncovered evidence that suggests many people in ancient Israel worshiped a Mr. and Mrs. God – Yahweh and . . . → Read More: Carnal Knowledge – Mr. and Mrs. God?

Battle of Whinmoor – Christians vs. Pagans

City left in the Dark about its only battle. 1,350th anniversary of clash at Whinmoor goes unmarked. By Howard Williamson

IT came and went and no one noticed ““ the anniversary of the only battle fought on Leeds soil. It is 1,350 years since Christians and Pagans clashed on farmland off Thorner Lane ““ back . . . → Read More: Battle of Whinmoor – Christians vs. Pagans

The Hex Files

Wiccan officer uses religious expertise to crack unusual cases By Eleen Zaffiro

Back in 1997, a string of bank robberies might have gone unsolved if Officer Bob Engborg hadn’t been on the force. Engborg — who has studied fringe religions including Santeria, Palo Mayombe, Satanism and Haitian voodoo — figured out that the suspects were . . . → Read More: The Hex Files