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Spirits don’t frighten this woman

By Robbi Courtaway

A gentle soul with long, white hair and a matching cat named Angel, Carmelita Brubaker likes to call herself a “Christian Buddhist.” “Christian” represents her religious belief, while “Buddhist” represents a way of life she admires. “I don’t push anything down anybody’s throat; I go my merry little way,” said Carmelita, 72, who has lived in a quiet Kirkwood subdivision for more than 40 years. “I respect others’ beliefs.”

Some see her differently. She has been called a witch, an evil person, a devil-worshiper. “You don’t believe in God,” one woman insisted after she completed a tour led by Carmelita at the Payne-Gentry House in Bridgeton, a home reputed to be haunted by upward of 20 ghosts and a spirit dog. Carmelita says her psychic abilities bother her critics.

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