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Flame lighting in Olympia flirted with Pagan ritual

The curse of the Winter Olympics struck again, with heavy clouds over the birthplace of the ancient games frustrating efforts Sunday to light the flame for Turin using the sun’s rays. […]Attending officials Sunday did not include representatives of the Orthodox Church of Greece, which frowns on the ceremony’s flirtation with pagan ritual.

“The church objects to the invocation of a nonexistent god, Apollo,” spokesman Father Pavlos Ioannou said. “We have no objection to the rest of the ceremony.” But Siarkou said the ceremony is symbolic. “I don’t believe in the 12 gods of ancient Greece, I am an Orthodox Christian,” she said. “Effectively, the invocation is a call on a higher power – whether you want to name it God, Christ, Apollo, Zeus, Buddha or Allah – that inspires and moves humankind to improve itself.”

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