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Carnal Knowledge – Mr. and Mrs. God?

By Faye Flam

As a trained biblical theologian turned archaeologist, Dever spent more than 30 years excavating in Israel trying to understand the people who gave rise to today’s monotheistic religions. In various inscriptions and artifacts, he’s uncovered evidence that suggests many people in ancient Israel worshiped a Mr. and Mrs. God – Yahweh and a goddess named Asherah.

Questions about God’s gender and marital status go to the roots of our understanding of God’s nature. Some scholars also see the perception of God’s maleness as a continued impediment to the empowerment of women.

Perhaps that’s why when Dever was scheduled to defend God’s wife at the biblical studies meeting, scholars crouched on the floor and squeezed into doorways. Many looked crushed as they were turned away from a room at the Marriott that proved much too small for such a controversial topic.

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