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The Hex Files

Wiccan officer uses religious expertise to crack unusual cases
By Eleen Zaffiro

Back in 1997, a string of bank robberies might have gone unsolved if Officer Bob Engborg hadn’t been on the force. Engborg — who has studied fringe religions including Santeria, Palo Mayombe, Satanism and Haitian voodoo — figured out that the suspects were all teenage boys being initiated into Yoruba. Yoruba, an African religion with roots thousands of years deep in Nigeria, has some offshoots considered to be voodoo.

The robbers’ voodoo teacher and priest, who had just moved to Daytona Beach a few months earlier, encouraged them to raise the $500 he demanded from each for their initiation fee by holding up banks, Engborg said. “One of the kids said his teacher did a spell for him to make him invisible to the police,” Engborg said.

Read the original article at: News-Journal Online

Read the original article at: News-Journal Online

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