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Can You Marry a Muggle?

By Tasha Lower

He’s a good guy, and you would never guess it. He tears up at road kill. He owns one too many airbrushed animal t-shirts. He nibbles on things we come across on hikes. But unfortunately, he is not now, nor has he ever been, a pagan.

Where were you at six? “I used to baptize my action figures,” he said. His father was a preacher. “I shot at squirrels,” I said. My father, well, shoots at squirrels. Is it possible for magickal people to date the, for lack of a better term, “normals”?

I understand why the like-minded tend to stick together. On that first or second date, how tough is it to say that the term witch, let alone not an insult, is rather accurate in describing your temperament? Real tough. It’s tough sitting quietly while soon-to-be aunts-in-law discuss the effect the devil had on their divorces. It’s tough explaining what a hand fasting is, and when you get to the part about bloodletting, it’s really tough, because your guy is afraid of needles.

Read the original article at: Widdershins Magazine

Read the original article at: Widdershins Magazine

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