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What is the Deal with Wicca?

By Diana Pederson, BellaOnline’s Christian Literature Editor

Steve Russo. What’s the Deal with Wicca?. Bethany House. 2005.

Teens are turning to witchcraft for answers to life’s questions. Some have done so because the church has failed to effectively teach what Christians believe and why Christ is the only way of salvation. Russo speaks to high schools across the country and is constantly confronted with teens practicing this ancient religion. He says:

“Whether Wiccans do it solo or with a group, Wicca is very personal in the way it’s practiced. That’s part of the appeal””Wiccans can pick and choose what they want to believe to come up with their own “brand”? of Wicca that works right for them. There is on one right way to practice the craft. The religion is what you make of it. “[Page 18]

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