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Pagan symbol Mari Llwyd

A decorated horse’s skull used in an ancient pagan ceremony is due to go on display in an exhibition at the Tate Gallery. Residents in Llantrisant, south Wales, parade around the old district of the town every Christmas and New Year bearing the skull to usher in the spring.

The tradition of the Mari Lwyd . . . → Read More: Pagan symbol Mari Llwyd

The savage business of witchcraft hunts

By Oliver Duff

Tanzania – They came for Lemi Ndaki in the night. “I was sleeping when I heard a noise,” explains the 70-year-old Tanzanian grandmother. “Someone grabbed me and chopped off my arm with a machete. I think he came to chop my neck but I raised my hand and he only took my . . . → Read More: The savage business of witchcraft hunts

Ten Aphrodisiacs That Really Work

By Neal Santelmann

In ancient India, a young man who proved passionless in the sack might have tried goat testicles boiled in milk. The Roman satirist Juvenal was the first to note the seductive qualities of oysters. In The Arabian Nights, coriander was a quick fix for a merchant who’d gone childless for 40 . . . → Read More: Ten Aphrodisiacs That Really Work

Spirits don’t frighten this woman

By Robbi Courtaway

A gentle soul with long, white hair and a matching cat named Angel, Carmelita Brubaker likes to call herself a “Christian Buddhist.” “Christian” represents her religious belief, while “Buddhist” represents a way of life she admires. “I don’t push anything down anybody’s throat; I go my merry little way,” said Carmelita, 72, . . . → Read More: Spirits don’t frighten this woman

Medicine men help care for veterans

By Michelle Roberts

When Albert Laughter unpacks his medical supplies, preparing to treat the military veterans who are his patients, he finds no stethoscope or thermometer. His examination room doesn’t have walls to speak of. It is made of canvas and wooden poles, a teepee with a small fire ring inside. His supplies – pheasant . . . → Read More: Medicine men help care for veterans

She doesn’t ride a broomstick

Founder of Pagan Student Union has a unique take on life By Brianna Bond

[…]Whether attending class or trekking around the campus with her navy blue cape, gnarled walking stick and bare feet, Castagna is instantly recognizable as “the walking stick girl.”?

Many students who have had a class with or seen Castagna may have . . . → Read More: She doesn’t ride a broomstick

Winter Solstice Wishing Candle

There is a tradition of making a wish at the Winter Solstice, of burning pieces of paper with wishes or affirmations written on them. When creating a Winter Solstice candle, you will infuse the molten wax with your wish or intent and release it with the burning of the candle.

This is a very . . . → Read More: Winter Solstice Wishing Candle

Flame for Winter Games lit in Olympia

ANCIENT OLYMPIA, Greece – The curse of the Winter Olympics struck again, with heavy clouds over the birthplace of the ancient games frustrating efforts Sunday to light the flame for Turin using the sun’s rays. Bad weather also disrupted the ceremony for the Sydney 2000 Summer Games, as well as the past two Winter Olympics . . . → Read More: Flame for Winter Games lit in Olympia

Devotees offer body parts to Kali

A Kali temple near this small town, about 100 km from state capital Lucknow, is in the news as devotees offer parts of their bodies to please the Goddess. “As many as eight people have so far offered their tongues at the temple since I assumed the role of its caretaker,”? the temple priest Siyaram . . . → Read More: Devotees offer body parts to Kali

Evangelicals unwittingly live as feminists

By Jeff Robinson

Egalitarians are winning the gender debate because evangelical complementarian men have largely abdicated their biblically ordained roles as head of the home and have, in practice, embraced contemporary pagan feminism, Russell D. Moore said in a presentation at the 57th annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) Nov. 17 in Valley . . . → Read More: Evangelicals unwittingly live as feminists