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October 2005
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Psychic Protection

Psychic ProtectionBy Koren From an old Pagan BBS

Psychic protection and mental shielding are subjects that very few New Age teachers are willing to discuss with newcomers to paganism. It is felt by most “White Witches” that there is no need to protect yourself from negative vibrations and/or psychic attack. It is felt that unless . . . → Read More: Psychic Protection

Emotions run high over Kashechewan

By Steve Erwin

Feeling angry and abandoned by Ottawa, residents of this embattled northern Ontario reserve waved goodbye to friends and family Thursday as they boarded planes sent to deliver them from a barren, desolute place on the edge of James Bay where the tap water has been making them sick.

And while resentment still . . . → Read More: Emotions run high over Kashechewan

Samhain Ritual and Spiral Dance

Vancouver – Wiccan Earth Based Rites Alliance presents an event at which participants will dance a spiral pattern to raise energy needed for healing and social change. Oct. 30, doors at 6:15 pm, Maritime Labour Centre (1880 Triumph). Tix $10-20, info

Read the original article at: The Georgia Straight – Events

. . . → Read More: Samhain Ritual and Spiral Dance

Witching time draws nigh

Halloween: Pumpkins and witches, ghosts and ghouls, great fun for kids and, if BJW’s listings are anything to go by, great fun for adults too. Now a major exercise in commercialism, Halloween has its roots not in the land of “trick or treating” modern-day USA, but in the dark days of pre-Christian Europe.

Originally the . . . → Read More: Witching time draws nigh

Modern Shaman: Finding My Religion

A modern shaman talks about his life and what ancient wisdom can offer our 21st century world

By David Ian Miller

The spiritual practices of indigenous people have existed around the globe since prehistoric times. What wisdom do they offer us in the modern world? I asked Tom Pinkson, a psychologist in San Rafael who . . . → Read More: Modern Shaman: Finding My Religion

Who Ya Gonna Call?

By Lea Mae Rice

Norm Gagnon isn’t a “Scooby-Doo” kind of ghost hunter. Founder of the paranormal investigation team Supernatural Entity Anomaly & Cryptid Hunters (SEARCH), Gagnon has little time for campfire stories and big dogs that talk. He takes his work seriously, exploring the strange, ghostly and paranormal all the way from Alexandria to . . . → Read More: Who Ya Gonna Call?

Latin ‘Day of the dead’ steeped in tradition

By David Ronquillo

Noted French author Anais Nin once wrote “People living deeply have no fear of death.”? One of the great differences that separate cultures is how death is perceive by those cultures. Just to be clear, let me say I do not propose any one perception of death raises one culture over another. . . . → Read More: Latin ‘Day of the dead’ steeped in tradition

Bewitched by Wicca

By Shepherd Pittman

Many Americans expect to find cute, pointy-hatted witches on their doorsteps this Halloween, candy bags in tow. But elsewhere that night, real witches will be celebrating the beginning of the Wiccan new year, Samhain, when they believe the veil between the living and the dead is thin.

Wicca, recognized by the 4th . . . → Read More: Bewitched by Wicca

School board cautions against offending Wiccans

By Nicholas Kohler

TORONTO – Teachers should forego traditional classroom Halloween celebrations because they are disrespectful of Wiccans and may cause some children to feel excluded, says a Toronto District School Board memo sent to principals and teachers this week.

“Many recently arrived students in our schools share absolutely none of the background cultural knowledge . . . → Read More: School board cautions against offending Wiccans

Religion: Witch Hunt

By Stephanie Berger

Political science and psychology senior Carly Foreback sits outside the library behind a pile of textbooks, a lock of her wavy brown hair falling over her glasses. Around the neck of her yellow “ASU Gold Rush” T-shirt is a pendant that some students mistake for a Jewish Star of David. But Foreback’s . . . → Read More: Religion: Witch Hunt