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October 2005
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Witches Webchat

TV presenter Chris Packham met three witches, including High Priestess Julie Forest and Di Griffiths, as they cast spells in the New Forest. They chanted, they danced and then they answered your questions.

Comment: Do you believe in fate or destiny?

Answer: Tough one. Our path is mapped out and if we follow our inner . . . → Read More: Witches Webchat

Archetypes of womanhood

By Erwin Rimban

Last time, we learned about the archetypes of manhood. And so today, we shall discover the other side of the fence, the fascinating universe that is the archetypes of womanhood. For comprehension, let us categorize the many archetypes of womanhood into four fundamental realities, which correspond to the four elements of Esoteric . . . → Read More: Archetypes of womanhood

Sacred Sounds

By Rae Schwarz

In cultures around the world, music plays an important part of ritual and worship. Gods and Goddesses can be the inspiration behind a piece of music, or the musician can make a musical offering to the deities. A song can be a prayer, a request for help or thanks for blessings received. . . . → Read More: Sacred Sounds

Collection of Powerful Love Spells

A new transformation is occurring in American and European pop culture with regards to beliefs and religion. Paganism and the art of Wicca is becoming as widespread and popular as Christianity. New orders and chapters are being designated and members are signing up just as fast as they can. What is so alluring about Paganism . . . → Read More: Collection of Powerful Love Spells

In the Light of Gnosis

By Tau Malachi

Many people write and ask me what I think about events in the world today and the times in which we are living, and specifically, they inquire into the into the Gnostic view of world events and the teachings of Gnosticism on the second coming of Christ; hence, the view Gnostics hold . . . → Read More: In the Light of Gnosis

‘Intelligent Design Belittles God,’ Says Priest

By Monisha Bansal

Considered by some to be a cross between the theories of evolution and creationism, Intelligent Design did not appear to be winning many converts at a Friday seminar in Washington, D.C. Critics said it lacks any scientific basis and should have no place in American classrooms.

Intelligent Design asserts that the sophisticated . . . → Read More: ‘Intelligent Design Belittles God,’ Says Priest

Christian Culture is Built on a Pagan Base

By Perry Mann

Man still, in a pagan manner, worships the sun and the earth but it is a worship that is superimposed by Christian rituals. The Winter Solstice to the Pagans was a time of concern that the sun’s daily diminution would continue; but when it became apparent a few days after the . . . → Read More: Christian Culture is Built on a Pagan Base

Protests against church play

Authorities in the Egyptian city of Alexandria on Sunday detained 105 men involved in protests last week over the staging of a play that demonstrators said was offensive to Islam, a judicial source said. Three people were killed during clashes on Friday between police and thousands of protesters, who had gathered near St. George’s Coptic . . . → Read More: Protests against church play

A timeline of residential schools

Oct. 21, 2005: The Supreme Court of Canada rules that the federal government cannot be be held fully liable for damages suffered by students abused at a church-run school on Vancouver Island.

The United Church carried out most of the day-to-day operations at Port Alberni Indian Residential School, where six aboriginal students claimed they were . . . → Read More: A timeline of residential schools