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October 2005
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Stanley Park Ghost Train

The Stanley Park Ghost Train pays a colourful tribute to the spirits

Vancouver – Honour the dead and celebrate the living as Stanley Park’s Ghost Train veers south to Latin America for an adventurous journey into the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). From October 7 through November 2, this brilliantly colourful salute . . . → Read More: Stanley Park Ghost Train

Ancient remedy for soothing tired feet

By Pam Tempelmayr

I am doing a painting now of a striking biennial, the common mullein (Verbascum thapsus). Despite its long history as an herb it is generally thought of as a weed. It originated in Eurasia but has naturalized in most of the temperate zones of North America.

Mulleins are the tall, woolly, silver-green . . . → Read More: Ancient remedy for soothing tired feet

Scholars Produce New Picture of Witches

By Peter Steinfels

It is the season of witches – cute little costumed ones crying “trick or treat” and full-grown adult ones laying claim to Halloween and recounting tales of medieval and early modern persecution.

In a search for historical roots and moral legitimacy, some feminists and many adherents of neopagan or goddess-centered religious movements . . . → Read More: Scholars Produce New Picture of Witches

Discussions led to witch rumors

By Pamela Manson

As part of her literature classes, Erin Jensen told her students about different belief systems in the world. Those lessons concerned a few parents of students at South Sevier High School in Monroe, leading to rumors about the teacher’s own beliefs.

On Friday, Jensen took the stand during a trial in U.S. . . . → Read More: Discussions led to witch rumors

How the devil did Satan take over Halloween?

By Father Kevin Shanley, O’Carm.

Most of the young trick-or-treaters, prowling the dusky gloom on Halloween, don’t really care much about the background of the holiday/holy day they are celebrating. Dressed in various costumes as goblins and ghosts, heroes or old-time villains, these children unwittingly act out ancient traditions that began with a Celtic . . . → Read More: How the devil did Satan take over Halloween?

Union recommends teachers end walkout

The head of the B.C. Teachers’ Federation is recommending its members approve a mediator’s report that would end their illegal strike and allow 600,000 students to return to class on Monday. About 38,000 teachers who walked off the job on Oct. 7 to protest against a government-legislated contract are voting on the proposal over the . . . → Read More: Union recommends teachers end walkout

TV lower fear of mediums

By Kelly Wilson

When Chandler medium Mary Ann Morgan tells you she has the gift of ”seeing through time,” it’s hard not to be a little skeptical. But thanks to new television shows like NBC’s “Medium” (loosely based on Scottsdale medium Allison DuBois’ life) and CBS’s “Ghost Whisperer” (inspired by real-life ghost whisperer James Van . . . → Read More: TV lower fear of mediums

Modern Pagans

By Alan Hindle

Halloween, Samhain, Pope Gregory’s All Saints Day

Of all the holidays celebrated in the West, Halloween is the least co-opted by Christianity”“ though not for lack of trying. While Pope Gregory in 601 AD exhorted his missionaries to remould Pagan events to more malleable themes, there were just too many powerful human . . . → Read More: Modern Pagans

Romanian witches’ roaring trade

By Silvia Radan in Bucharest

All I can remember from the experience is a tirade of fast whispered words and a sudden gob of spit on my forehead. I was a young child and had been very sick. I was crying a lot and my grandmother thought I was going to die. She took me . . . → Read More: Romanian witches’ roaring trade

Hate wave hits Muslim women

By Liam Houlihan

Muslim women are enduring a rising wave of violence and intimidation. Women wearing headscarfs have been spat on, sworn at and assaulted while hate graffiti such as “Kill Muslims” and “Muslims Out” has appeared in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. In the past two weeks, two Muslim women have been attacked in daylight.

In . . . → Read More: Hate wave hits Muslim women