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October 2005
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Thoughts on Black Magick

By Sylvana SilverWitch

Black magick, the black arts, the left hand path_ the words conjure a reaction, a chill, raise the hair on the nape of your neck. I invariably imagine zombies, the voodoo walking undead or secret virgin sacrifices. I think, too, of dolls with needles stuck in them for malicious revenge spells, of . . . → Read More: Thoughts on Black Magick

Religious Hatred Bill Remains Undecided

By Grace Benson

The UK’s Racial and Religious Hatred Bill has undergone further debate in the House of Lords, but remains undecided. The Bill, which many UK Christians object to, will now go to Lords Committee Stage where it will be debated line by line by a select number of Peers.

Reverend Peter Kerridge, the . . . → Read More: Religious Hatred Bill Remains Undecided

Get out the broomsticks, they’re going to fly tonight

By Emilie Le Beau

Smear your face with green paint and grab your pointy hat, it’s a big night for witches. You might not be too worried about bumping into a broom-riding hag, but for centuries, people were terrified of witches. From Europe to America, many innocent folks were accused of witchcraft, and some were . . . → Read More: Get out the broomsticks, they’re going to fly tonight

Reality of death

Halloween is a seasonal feast too, for as darkness falls earlier, it is a reminder of the reality of death which must come to all. It comes on the evening before All Saints and takes its name, All Hallows Eve (hallow or holy), from it. Although it has no direct connection with any Christian tradition, . . . → Read More: Reality of death

Broom: Dream Symbols

By Parthena Black

A great deal of negative superstition surrounds brooms and brushes. They were associated with witchcraft and thought to sweep away good luck. It was considered unlucky to step over them. There is also a great deal of positive association with the broom. In some cultures, couples still “jump the broom” at their . . . → Read More: Broom: Dream Symbols

Most intense Atlantic storm ever

Hurricane Wilma strengthened dramatically into a Category 5 storm early Wednesday, with forecasters saying the “potentially catastrophic” weather system was the most powerful ever recorded in the Atlantic basin. Heavy rains from the hurricane have already killed at least 12 people in Haiti and one in Jamaica. The storm is tracking to thread through the . . . → Read More: Most intense Atlantic storm ever

Wiccan man gets prison for sex contact with teen girl

By John Hopkins

During a Wiccan ceremony last year, 39-year-old James Edward Haidle sat with a teenage girl next to a burning candle. He and the teen, a minor, were both naked. At some point, Haidle made sexual contact with the girl. It was not the only time the Chesapeake man had inappropriate sexual contact . . . → Read More: Wiccan man gets prison for sex contact with teen girl

Fired teacher tells of ‘witch’ gossip

By Geoffrey Fattah

Erin Jensen said that she was aware of the rumors circulating labeling her a “witch” and a “coffee drinker” just before she was terminated as an English teacher at South Sevier High School. In a town like Marysvale, with a population just above 300, word gets around, she told a jury Wednesday . . . → Read More: Fired teacher tells of ‘witch’ gossip

Moor sheep ‘killed by occultists’

A farmer has found six dead sheep with broken necks and eyeballs removed. Daniel Alford, of Devon, found four corpses laid out in a square. Two others were near stones and apparently arranged to make a pagan symbol.

Mr Alford said he believed occultists could be responsible. Devon and Cornwall Police said the incident is . . . → Read More: Moor sheep ‘killed by occultists’

China, Europe report new bird flu outbreaks

China reported a fresh outbreak of a deadly strain of bird flu on Wednesday amid new reports of the avian illness in Russia, Romania and Macedonia. China’s state news agency, Xinhua, reported Wednesday that 2,600 birds died of the H5N1 strain of bird flu in the country’s northern region.

China had earlier outbreaks of . . . → Read More: China, Europe report new bird flu outbreaks