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October 2005
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Living Magically

The Life and Times of a Witch in the 21st Century By Aleesha Stephenson

Aleesha StephensonThis month’s issue is all about Wicca so I thought I would write about why I chose Wicca as the basis for my spiritual belief system. As I write those words I feel like I went out and decided upon . . . → Read More: Living Magically

Canada still one of the least corrupt nations

Sleaze watchdog Transparency International has released its annual Corruption Perceptions Index of 159 countries. Canada was ranked in the top 20 cleanest countries, but the report said it was perceived as becoming increasingly corrupt. The cleanest rating was given to Iceland, which nudged Finland out of the top rating it has enjoyed over past years . . . → Read More: Canada still one of the least corrupt nations

Fruit-y Advice from Pagan Herbalist

The press release for Lexa Roséan’s The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients is filled with herbal “prescriptions” for celebrities, ranging from the goofy-sounding (lime peels would help Kate Moss repel negative vibes from the press) to the borderline tasteless (pack bananas next to James Doohan’s ashes to make sure they have a safe flight into space). . . . → Read More: Fruit-y Advice from Pagan Herbalist

Looking Within to Unmask Death

In the past year, images of death and destruction have bombarded us. We have seen carnage from the Tsunami, the hurricanes, the earthquake, and the war that could rival any horror movie.

Traditions all over the world gather together this time of year to honor and gain wisdom from their ancestors and from the . . . → Read More: Looking Within to Unmask Death

Celebrating Samhain

By Fiona Blackwolf

The origins of the word Samhain are Celtic. It is literally translated to mean “summer’s end”?. It is the time of year when the fall is coming to a close and the earth is going dormant for her rest. The first snow may have fallen and the nights get colder in most . . . → Read More: Celebrating Samhain

Head smuggler arrested in Uganda

Ugandan police have arrested a man who was trying to smuggle a human head across the border from Kenya. The Ugandan national was caught carrying a severed male head in a paper bag in the border town of Busia between Kenya and Uganda on Wednesday morning.

Police say the man claims he was taking . . . → Read More: Head smuggler arrested in Uganda

Wiccans turn witch myths upside down

By Kim Lyons

Witchcraft is the practice of a nature-based or folk belief system, art or religion. Not all witches follow the same belief system. Some practice what is called the “Old Religion,” which has its roots in pagan traditions and beliefs, following seasonal agricultural cycles (i.e. the harvests). Many witches believe in multiple gods . . . → Read More: Wiccans turn witch myths upside down

Jesus was a Witch

Question: What did Lou Gehrig’s doctors say he had? “Mr. Gehrig, I’m afraid you have ‘Lou Gehrig’s Disease’. “Huh? Say what, Doc?”?

By the same token, Jesus was not a Christian. There were no Christians at the time. Only “The Disciples of Jesus the Christ”?. Later shortened to just plain “Christians”?. By the same token . . . → Read More: Jesus was a Witch

Wal-Mart goes Wicca

By Judi McLeod

The five and dime department store of the past is where your mother treated you to balloons and lollipops. Now you can buy books at the five and dime that teach you how to cast a spell on mother. Wal-Mart, the company that put Dead Peasant Life Insurance on the map, is . . . → Read More: Wal-Mart goes Wicca

Two of Swords

By June Kaminski

The Two of Swords, represents achieving balance between harmony and discord, bringing healing and resolution. This refers to both inner and external conflicts. Whatever the cause of the discord, its resolution brings a true sense of peace and relief to all involved. This card calls to all of us to stay true . . . → Read More: Two of Swords