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October 2005
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666: What’s in a Number?

by Lon Milo DuQuette

Are you afraid of the number 666? If you were issued an automobile license plate or a telephone number that included a string of three sixes would you ask for a different number? Do you think the number 666 is inherently evil? Do you believe any number can in and of . . . → Read More: 666: What’s in a Number?

Thoth: Egyptian God

By Linda Casselman

This week let’s take a look at one of my favourite ancient gods. He is the moon god. He is god of the dead. He is god of knowledge and writing… From Egyptian mythology, he is the god Thoth!

As a writer, an editor, and a teacher, I have great interest in . . . → Read More: Thoth: Egyptian God

Witch creed? Meet the new face of worship

By Barney Zwartz

Witchcraft is a religion for the weak and oppressed, especially women. It has nothing to do with Satan, nor is it about sex. So says a leading Melbourne witch, Caroline Tully.

Ms Tully is part of an Australian trend in which witches and charismatic Christians are leading religious growth. Many women are . . . → Read More: Witch creed? Meet the new face of worship

Wicca’s Charm

Wicca’s Charm: Understanding the Spiritual Hunger Behind the Rise of Modern Witchcraft and Pagan Spirituality by Catherine Edwards Sanders (Shaw, 223 pp., $13.99) Evidence abounds of a growing interest among women in modern witchcraft, also known as Wicca. About 5 million self-proclaimed witches live in America and their presence has steadily crept into the mainstream.

. . . → Read More: Wicca’s Charm

A thinly veiled Christian message

By Frank Cerabino

When you can combine the forces of Disney, the McDonald’s Happy Meal and Gov. Jeb Bush in one tidy package – all of them working together to cram thinly veiled Christian theology down the gullets of Florida’s schoolchildren – you’ve got yourself a hell of a plan.

This December, just in time . . . → Read More: A thinly veiled Christian message

NewAgeLive.FM Set to Launch

World Talk Radio has over 75 shows in their programming schedule and receives millions of listeners each month. Hosted by Melissa Alvarez, owner of New Age Dimensions publishing house, this energizing radio show will expand your horizons through feature interviews with leading industry professionals as we provide listeners valuable information while Exploring Dimensions Of The . . . → Read More: NewAgeLive.FM Set to Launch

U R dumped!

by Nicole Manktelow

‘U R dumped’, or ‘I H8 U’ are fairly blunt ways to end a relationship, but an Australian study of our SMS habits shows text messages are now a common way to say it’s over. Clinical psychologist Dr Natalie Robinson from Macquarie University in Sydney asked a group of 100 young adults . . . → Read More: U R dumped!

Vote for Witch party?

Australia – The Howard Government may believe there are votes in Christian values, but it could well turn out to be the witches who cast the decisive political spell. A seminar on spirituality held in Melbourne recently has heard that witchcraft and nature religions “” along with charismatic Christianity “” have become the refuge of . . . → Read More: Vote for Witch party?

Suing witch doctors?

By Victoria Coren

Did you read about the fellow who is taking a witch doctor to the trading standards authority? It’s a terribly poignant story. Kevin Bird from Cannock split up with his girlfriend and was very depressed about it. His worried mother gave him the business card of a Birmingham-based witch doctor called Mansor . . . → Read More: Suing witch doctors?

It’s Pagalicious: My Pagan Articles Are All Over The Internet

by Cerulean

Because of a glitch I couldn’t access my articles at Blogcritics, so I googled myself to find links to my work. I found articles about me or my work that I did not know existed. I’ve written about everything from hair to hurricanes, but search engines favor my writings on neo-paganism. Citations of . . . → Read More: It’s Pagalicious: My Pagan Articles Are All Over The Internet