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October 2005
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Nuns and witches ‘fly’ through history lecture series

By Corey T. J. Pierce

Yale professor shares his views on medieval flying miracles, the reality of his research “” Monday night at the LaSells Stewart Center more than 200 people packed into the Construction and Engineering Auditorium to attend a talk given by distinguished Yale professor of history, Carlos M.N. Eire. His lecture . . . → Read More: Nuns and witches ‘fly’ through history lecture series

Robbie Williams Puts Spells on Women

By Mihaela Stroia

British singer Robbie Williams has recently revealed that, one time, he got on a date after he put a spell on a woman he saw on TV. Williams, 31, declared during a radio interview that, after he saw on TV a beautiful girl, whom he wanted to date, he mentally created a . . . → Read More: Robbie Williams Puts Spells on Women

Aleister Crowley

Sometimes the legend is greater than the reality. In the case of Aleister Crowley, the truth of that statement is a testament to the magnitude of the legend, since the reality is pretty remarkable.

A study in contradictions, Crowley was a pioneering mountain climber, a pioneering homoerotic poet, a pioneering ritual magician, a heroin addict . . . → Read More: Aleister Crowley

Aging pets: ‘Gray area’ tough to negotiate

By Christian Boone

Back when when he used to duck hunt regularly, Sam was Jack Hartrampf’s most reliable sidekick. While his four children and wife have distanced themselves from the family dog because of her deteriorating physical condition, Hartrampf remains attached to the 13-year-old golden retriever ““ a tie born of those early mornings on . . . → Read More: Aging pets: ‘Gray area’ tough to negotiate

Where Gods Dwell: Creating Altars and Shrines

by Amanda Silvers

An altar is, customarily, an area set aside for meditation or worship, or for working magick. A shrine is ordinarily an altar, specifically dedicated to a particular energy or deity. What is the purpose of an altar or shrine, besides creating a special place for your ritual or worship to take place? . . . → Read More: Where Gods Dwell: Creating Altars and Shrines

Keep the Internet free

By Carl Bildt

Beyond the headlines, a critically important battle for control of the Internet is being played out. On the one side is the United States, which wants to retain supervision of the Internet and has managed to get the reluctant support of most of the global Internet community, which sees America as . . . → Read More: Keep the Internet free

Guardian goddess goes on annual jaunt

By Rita Fang

The procession of Taiwan’s annual eight-day Matsu pilgrimage set out from Jhenlan Temple in Taichung County’s Dajia Township April 9 at 11:00 p.m. The temple’s statuette of the goddess Matsu was carried on a palanquin over a 300-kilometer route looping southward through Changhua and Yunlin Counties to Chiayi County’s Singang Township and . . . → Read More: Guardian goddess goes on annual jaunt

Hate Column Against Catholic Church?

The Toronto Star, the largest circulation paper in Canada, has printed a column which is being regarded by some Catholics as a clear case of inciting hatred towards the Catholic Church. Celebrated Star columnist Joey Slinger’s column entitled “With this Vatican, all’s fair in faith and war” appears in the ‘news’ section of today’s paper . . . → Read More: Hate Column Against Catholic Church?

Witch-hunt city hosts Potter symposium

By Michael Kunzelman

SALEM, Mass. – Hundreds of Harry Potter fanatics have turned this historic seaport, best known for its witches and their trials, into a makeshift college campus fit for a young wizard.

In hotel ballrooms, professors from real-world universities led panel discussions with titles such as “Bucolic Bullionism: Economics in the Wizarding World,” . . . → Read More: Witch-hunt city hosts Potter symposium

New witch shop opens at mall

By Bruno Matarazzo Jr.

As nice as tourists are, Scott Tarbox’s new store isn’t geared for them. Pheonix Rising is your “one-stop Wiccan community center.” The new store at Museum Place Mall sells everything from clothing and capes to witches’ wands.

This is Tarbox’s second attempt at a store. He opened his first in Waterville, . . . → Read More: New witch shop opens at mall