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October 2005
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6,000-year story of ritual and cannibalism…

By Sally Cope

Thery roamed the earth almost 6,000 years ago, performing rituals on animal remains and devouring human body parts. But these are not the strange creatures of film or fiction ““ they were farmers in the Yorkshire Dales.

New research on bones discovered in six Dales caves has revealed that farming in the . . . → Read More: 6,000-year story of ritual and cannibalism…

Witches’ fury with encyclopaedia

by Chris Summers

As most of us prepare to “celebrate” Halloween, the Encyclopaedia Britannica has run into trouble with millions of pagans worldwide over its definition of witchcraft. The Pagan Federation, which represents Britain’s 60,000 pagans, has written to the Encyclopaedia Britannica to protest at the description of witchcraft as “harmful and evil”. There are . . . → Read More: Witches’ fury with encyclopaedia

Ghost House Stories

By Annie Wilder

Every house that has been lived in has a story to tell. I don’t know exactly how it works, but I believe that the actions and emotions of past inhabitants-even their beliefs, hopes, and fears-linger in the places where people once lived. And sometimes, these dormant memories from the past come alive . . . → Read More: Ghost House Stories

White witch works magic

WHEN the mother of a sick baby launched an appeal to buy him a specialist piece of equipment she didn’t know ‘witch’ way to turn – until a white witch from Wootton Wawen worked her magic.

Ten-month-old Cameron Richards suffers from a brain condition that makes it difficult to sleep on one side. Consequently, . . . → Read More: White witch works magic

Judge rules BC teachers in contempt

By Jeremy Hainsworth

A B.C. Supreme Court justice ruled Sunday that the province’s public school teachers were in contempt of court after they launched a walkout that shut down British Columbia’s schools. The B.C. Public School Employers Association was seeking to have the B.C. Teachers’ Federation found in contempt of a Labour Relation Board ruling . . . → Read More: Judge rules BC teachers in contempt

Witch Way

By Bob Ecker

Salem. Witch. Bewitched. The words seem undeniably linked, like a mobius strip of fear, bemusement, superstition and genuine American history. Only 10 miles north of Boston, the town is awash in positive Americana, yet the ominous “witch” stigma still resonates in Salem. Sometimes you can almost feel spirits crawling up your back. . . . → Read More: Witch Way

Christians and Halloween

By Jenna Robinson

Fellow Christians, I have been asked whether I am against Halloween. My response is that I am. I of course have no aversion to candy…or dressing up in a ridiculous costume to be funny. I have children so we always have viewed Halloween as a time to be funny and get a . . . → Read More: Christians and Halloween

Halloween – a feast of pagan origin, church says

by Ruben Cassar

The Diocesan Commission on Occult and Satanism has expressed its opinion on Halloween. Various parents and youth centres had asked if Halloween was compatible or not with people of Christian faith.

The Commission, while recognising the fact that many people celebrate this feast in a neutral way, and see it as . . . → Read More: Halloween – a feast of pagan origin, church says

Ancient Horses Had Their Own Cemetery

Discovery of the 3,000-year-old cemetery of horses came as a surprise for the Gilan Talesh Tool excavators. It was the first time ever that in a historical cemetery a section has specific to burying of horses has been found.

Horses are one of the animals that have accompanied human beings from the ancient times. This . . . → Read More: Ancient Horses Had Their Own Cemetery

Spotting Wiccans:This information could save a Christian life!

Appearance: Wiccans are generally overweight and of pale complexion. If they are not pale, they use powder or makeup (even the boys!) to generate the illusion of paleness or death. Wiccans are given to the piercing of skin as a sign of submission to their master, Satan. Look for multiple piercing and piercing in peculiar . . . → Read More: Spotting Wiccans:This information could save a Christian life!