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October 2005
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Halloween, Pagans and Samhain

Steve Jones became an initiated witch in 1983 and founded the group, which later became the Oakleaf Circle in Blackburn in 1983. Moving to Wakefield in 1988 he founded Wakefield Pagan Moot in 1988.

Steve says: “Nowadays to many people Halloween is a time to put a pumpkin in the window, let your children dress . . . → Read More: Halloween, Pagans and Samhain

Gay men can be priests, if celibate

By Philip Pullella

The Vatican will allow gay men into the priesthood if they can show they have been celibate for at least three years, leading Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reported on Friday. But it said the Vatican will ban men who “publicly manifest their homosexuality” or show an “overwhelming attraction” to homosexual culture . . . → Read More: Gay men can be priests, if celibate

How I Read Tarot: Advice from a professional

By Dawn

Finding a united vision when giving a Tarot reading can be a challenge. Most books on Tarot have conflicting interpretations of the cards, and very few books clearly explain how cards affect each other when they appear in a spread together. Although I won’t be able in this short article to touch on . . . → Read More: How I Read Tarot: Advice from a professional

Folklore And Faith

By R.D. Rakesh

The field of folklore is very vast and fertile. It includes fairs and festivals, rites and rituals, idioms, riddles and proverbs, rhymes hypnotisation, gods and goddesses, ghosts and spirits, evil eyes, superstition, legends and tales, medicine and healing power faith, songs and ballads music and dance. Shadow of superstition is prevalent in . . . → Read More: Folklore And Faith

Mid Autumn Festival: Gathering under the full moon


“…May we all be blessed with longevity though far apart, we are still able to share the beauty of the moon together…” – Su Dong-Po.

It’s difficult for me to draw a good picture through words in a foreign language. The moon in Arizona is no different from that back home, . . . → Read More: Mid Autumn Festival: Gathering under the full moon

Face the magic

By Tom Dalton

The Witch City is many things in October. It is certainly fun, fantastic, hysterical, spooky and haunted by all sorts of interesting “” and sometimes strange “” people. But it is also crowded, noisy and a little overwhelming. So here’s a guide for the family that has never been to Haunted Happenings . . . → Read More: Face the magic

Pagans claim they are not misanthropic, just misunderstood

By Mike Linn

They don’t worship the devil. They don’t prick voodoo dolls with pins. And while some members call themselves Wiccans, or witches, they say they don’t attempt to impose evil spells on their enemies. About 20 members of a newly formed Eastern New Mexico University group of college students call themselves pagans. One . . . → Read More: Pagans claim they are not misanthropic, just misunderstood

Pagans’ benefit shot down

By Deborah Frazier

Pagans on Colorado’s plains wanted to give St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital a helping hand but say they got a slap in the face. The Secret Garden Coven planned to donate proceeds from a festival on Oct. 29 in Ramah, east of Colorado Springs, to the hospital. But the hospital’s attorney recently . . . → Read More: Pagans’ benefit shot down

Teachers out as ‘indefinite’ strike begins

By Janet Steffenhagen and Miro Cernetig

B.C. public schools were expected to be closed indefinitely starting today, with teachers setting up picket lines for a wildcat strike that could not be derailed in spite of several measures taken Thursday. They included high-level meetings in Victoria, the appointment of a mediator to examine the bargaining structure, . . . → Read More: Teachers out as ‘indefinite’ strike begins

Britain’s bold Baebes get mediaeval

By deena cox

If hanging out in a North London cemetery late at night wearing white robes and ivy crowns to sing olde worlde songs in long-forgotten languages seems kind of strange and morbid to you, you’re not the only one. For the eight ladies of the Mediaeval Baebes, this was the scene of their . . . → Read More: Britain’s bold Baebes get mediaeval