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October 2005
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Anarchist workers have final sex romp

by Alex Wilde

Bee colonies can turn to anarchy when the queen dies and worker bees swap their normal habits for hedonism, researchers say. The absence of the queen’s pheromones makes worker bees abandon their normal role of policing the colony’s reproductive behaviour, making the colony more vulnerable to parasitic bees from other colonies.

But . . . → Read More: Anarchist workers have final sex romp

Halloween/Samhain: A Pagan celebration

‘Mad Mick’ as he is commonly known in Pagan circles tells us about celebrating the Celtic New Year, Samhain or known more commonly to us as Halloween!

Mick says:

“Samhain, the 31st of October is the Celtic New Year. It is followed by six weeks of uncertainty. The days get longer, the hours of darkness . . . → Read More: Halloween/Samhain: A Pagan celebration

Half Full

By Craig Gilbert

The damp coolness of the wooded air seeped into his being. The unusually full moon lit the ground ahead of him. The skeletal limbs of the bare trees glanced across his wide-eyed face. The fear was winning over him. His blood curdled as he started running in pursued panic. The thin branches . . . → Read More: Half Full

Earth Religions bring Pagan students together

As many as 1 million nationwide practice religion By Roy Maurer

One group on campus is gathering all types of different people under a tent of paganism — and that’s what they want. “With Christianity, the divine is there to be revered and feared, but as pagans, you are hands-on. You’re getting in with the . . . → Read More: Earth Religions bring Pagan students together

You Are What Your Mom Ate

by Whitley Strieber

With the current epidemic of obesity and Type II diabetes among both children and adults, researchers are trying to determine if what our mothers ate influences our future health. Their conclusion: it does “” a lot.

Dr. Donald Novak says, “There are many people around the world who don’t have enough . . . → Read More: You Are What Your Mom Ate

Letter to Pagan group from St. Jude’s

Dear Ms. Doucette-Johnson:

Thank you for contacting us in response to our letter of September 21, 2005 to Ms. Sandra Doucette. As we discussed, we appreciate your desire to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and its mission for the research and treatment of childhood cancer and catastrophic diseases. Our representatives did authorize a pin . . . → Read More: Letter to Pagan group from St. Jude’s

Teachers vote to walk out

By David Carrigg, Elaine O’Connor and Ian Bailey

Defiant teachers said last night they will walk out on a strike tomorrow, and they won’t go back to work until they have a new contract. “Teachers will mount picket lines on Friday and remain off the job until a settlement is reached,” said Jinny Sims, president . . . → Read More: Teachers vote to walk out

Sacred Earth building on to loyal customer base

By Marcia Sagendorph

At Sacred Earth, you can find tarot cards, cast iron cauldrons and wands made out of wood, glass or crystal. This is not, however, a temporary shop for Halloween supplies. It is a metaphysical shop in downtown Antioch that caters to people of alternative beliefs.

Owner Adam Holtzinger said he opened the . . . → Read More: Sacred Earth building on to loyal customer base

The medicine man gave comfort to the Indian tribe

By Bill Burr

The equipment of the American Indian medicine man was primarily his spells and formulas for mixing potions. He also used many types of rattles, feathers, a medicine mask, feather fans, drums and sometimes remnants of dead animals.

The medicine man or woman was the keeper of the tribe’s tobacco pipe, which was . . . → Read More: The medicine man gave comfort to the Indian tribe

Wiccan priestess to speak

By Rick de Yampert

When Wiccan priestess Phyllis Curott appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s television show in 1999, the conservative host called her an “F” word. Curott said O’Reilly “introduced me by saying, ‘My Wiccan friends think they’re getting a raw deal. I agree, so I have my friend Phyllis Curott here to talk to us . . . → Read More: Wiccan priestess to speak