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October 2005
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Pagan Limericks

By Liath Mactire

A virile young witch from Pine Bluff Thought rituals were never enough When wrapped up in clothes Shirt, tie, pants and bows So he practiced his craft in the buff

So this witch – one Henry by name Felt solitaire his type of game He leapt and he sprung To songs he . . . → Read More: Pagan Limericks

Medicine Shop Casts a Spell on Visitors

By Robyn Dixonr

Johannesburg, South Africa “” Plunging into the dim little shop through a curtain of perfumed smoke is like tumbling into the pages of a Harry Potter book and finding yourself in the hidden alley in London where he acquired his caldron, wand, potion ingredients and spell books.

Two baboons bare their teeth . . . → Read More: Medicine Shop Casts a Spell on Visitors

Tourist group look at witch way to go

By Breanna Tucker

A Devlish cackle could be heard over the brewing of a bubbling cauldron yesterday as witches and wizards came together to stir up some new ideas. Dressed in long black robes, with pointed hat and aquiline nose, Towong Shires tourism groups development manager Penny Jeffs said the group was keen to showcase . . . → Read More: Tourist group look at witch way to go

‘The Lion, The Witch,’ The faithful

By Elaine Dutka

Walt Disney Studios is hoping that the same kind of church-based campaign that helped turn “The Passion of the Christ” into a blockbuster will convert C.S. Lewis’ children’s classic “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” into a big-screen franchise “” with “Lion King”-sized profits.

Directed by Andrew . . . → Read More: ‘The Lion, The Witch,’ The faithful

Pagan veteran wants pentacle symbol on his grave

By M.L. Lyke

Hindus and Sufis and Buddhists got the OK. So did Mormons, Muslims and Christians. Even atheist veterans have their symbol engraved free on military headstones.

“I would hope when I pass away that both my status as a vet and my religious belief would be on my marker,” said Stearns, who medically . . . → Read More: Pagan veteran wants pentacle symbol on his grave

What do Wicca’s followers believe?

Wicca is a neo-pagan religion centered on morality as a personal responsibility rather than religious doctrine. Wicca focuses on virtues like reverence and strength and is a popular guide for spiritual seekers. The following is a summary of information about Wicca included in online encyclopedia Wikipedia, which is not associated with the religion.

Its followers . . . → Read More: What do Wicca’s followers believe?

Full Moon Circle Wiccans promote alternative religion

By Nancy Jaber

I wait outside a small room in the Student Center Building, when a lanky man ambles up to the door and reassures me that he has found someone who can open it. Clad fully in black and lugging a guitar that dwarfs him, Merlin Ravensong (aka Todd Richardson) introduces himself.

Ravensong . . . → Read More: Full Moon Circle Wiccans promote alternative religion

The Teenaged Witch

Teen Wiccan fights for right to wear symbol, form club

By Lauren Howard

Sixteen-year-old Ricky Shepard says he isn’t angry or surprised when people object to a religion they perceive as evil. Explaining his religion, Wicca’s, fundamentals, including good works, free will and spiritual emphasis, pacifies most opposition. “Do you believe everything around you is . . . → Read More: The Teenaged Witch

Live and let live

I am struck by one thing in particular after reading the article about Christians feeling it was necessary to protest the Pagan Pride Day at G. T. Bray Park. Can you imagine what would happen if a group of Pagans decided to nonviolently protest a Christian gathering by dragging a large pentacle through it? Or . . . → Read More: Live and let live