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October 2005
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Magick In, Magick Out

by Janice Van Cleve

“It is really a great honor to be chosen,” I mused, setting down my fork. The planning committee for the autumn equinox ritual had called two weeks ago to ask me to present the communion bread. Tomorrow was the big day. I looked forward to this ritual with a heightened sense . . . → Read More: Magick In, Magick Out

Archeologists make historic discovery

By Thomas Elias

POROS, Island of Kefalonia, Greece – The tomb of Odysseus has been found, and the location of his legendary capital city of Ithaca discovered here on this large island across a one-mile channel from the bone-dry islet that modern maps call Ithaca.

This could be the most important archeological discovery of the . . . → Read More: Archeologists make historic discovery

Samhain: The ‘spookiest’ night of the year!

Continuing our series looking at the Celtic year, Summer St John from Wiltshire explores the traditions and customs of samhain or halloween as we know it today, when the world of the departed meets that of the living.

Witches, ghosts, apple-bobbing and faces carved in pumpkins ““ all these are associated with this time of . . . → Read More: Samhain: The ‘spookiest’ night of the year!

Satanic exhibits ruin excellent museum

By Raymond Banks

I am writing to you to comment on the Figge museum. I am appalled at the exhibits that they have chosen for an otherwise top-notch museum. The Haitian Voodoo Pantheon is at best the most blatant exhibit of Satan worship I have ever seen on public display.

What they have done brings . . . → Read More: Satanic exhibits ruin excellent museum

Astrology: October New Moon

By Barbara Hand Clow

October 3, 2005 This year’s New Moon in Libra is an annular solar eclipse, when the feminine moon almost totally obscures the masculine solar light.For the sensitive ones among us, this temporary removal of intense solar light makes it possible to reprioritize our goals by asking, “Why really did I come . . . → Read More: Astrology: October New Moon

Halloween season’s here

By Ben Casselman

Halloween season blew into Salem like a crisp fall breeze over the weekend. As sure as the turning of the page on the calendar, the air turned crisp, the cornstalks appeared on utility poles and the miniature pumpkins sprang up on the tables at Graziani’s. “It’s amazing once October starts to get . . . → Read More: Halloween season’s here

Seven Steps to Self-Devotion

By LaSara FireFox

This article is based on some of the main themes presented in my book Sexy Witch. If you are interested in wandering more deeply into this landscape, pick up a copy and dive right in!

1. Your Body is a Temple

Remember, your body is a sacred space. Your body is the . . . → Read More: Seven Steps to Self-Devotion

Moon’s shadow moves across Earth

Millions of people across the globe looked skyward on Monday to catch a glimpse of the Moon eclipsing the Sun. The annular eclipse, as it is known, cast a dark shadow over much of Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

An annular event is less spectacular than a total solar eclipse because the sky . . . → Read More: Moon’s shadow moves across Earth

What’s the Deal with Wicca?

By Jenna Robinson

Today there is an over abundance of religions to choose from. There are so many different ones that one would need a map just to find your way around! There are many different forms of Judaism, Orthodox, Traditional, Cabalists. There different forms of Islam, there are the extremists, the Traditional, peace lovers. . . . → Read More: What’s the Deal with Wicca?

Witch Claims Broomstick Is Tax Deductable

Margarita Roland has won her fight with Dutch authorities to make her broomsticks and spell-making lessons tax-deductible. The Dutch woman had hit the roof when a court said she couldn’t declare the cost of her occult possessions against tax.

But authorities have now allowed her to deduct the 2,210 euros it cost to take . . . → Read More: Witch Claims Broomstick Is Tax Deductable