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October 2005
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A Vodouisant and A Ceremonial Thelemic Wiccan/Freemason Walk Into a Bar”¦

By Christopher

When it comes to relationships and being a Pagan, I certainly can’t speak for everyone, but I think I can speak for myself, as long as my girlfriend, who is a practitioner of Vodou, allows me to do so! Seriously speaking though, I would be lucky if I am even allowed to finish . . . → Read More: A Vodouisant and A Ceremonial Thelemic Wiccan/Freemason Walk Into a Bar”¦

Yup, You’re Not Crazy

By Ellen Kay

I’ve been a ghost hunter for about six years now and one of the first things people say when relating their experiences is “I just wanted to know that I’m not crazy.” Yes, I can assure you, you’re not.

While everyone doesn’t have a chance to experience a haunting or see a . . . → Read More: Yup, You’re Not Crazy

A Witch’s Pantry: Foods to Warm Your Samhain and Winter

By Catherine Harper

The year has turned towards dark, and the last of the autumn harvest is in. Every year, I grieve a little more for summer — this year all the more as the squash and beets come in, the farmer’s markets roll up for the year and I contemplate the long winter without . . . → Read More: A Witch’s Pantry: Foods to Warm Your Samhain and Winter

Minnesota To Require Biodiesel

Minnesota will from Thursday demand that all diesel fuel sold in the US state be partly distilled from soybeans in a bid to take a bite out of the nation’s appetite for crude oil. The northern state is the first in the United States to pass a law to promote biodiesel, fuel made from agricultural . . . → Read More: Minnesota To Require Biodiesel

Bradenton festival celebrates Paganism

By Wendy Dahle

Medieval knights fought with swords as the faint smell of incense floated among the trees near the G.T. Bray amphitheater during Pagan Pride Day on Saturday. Dozens of people enjoyed the day-long festival, which featured entertainment, workshops on Pagan rituals and more than 15 different vendor booths filled with jewelry, herbs, soaps . . . → Read More: Bradenton festival celebrates Paganism

Moon spotted around solar planet “Xena”

Astronomers said on Saturday that they spotted a moon orbiting what they insisted to be the 10th planet of our solar system. Mike Brown, an astronomer at the California Institute of Technology, said the the moon is so close to the planet “Xena” that all of the earth-based telescopes have completely missed it until now. . . . → Read More: Moon spotted around solar planet “Xena”

First Temple-era seal discovered

By Etgar Lefkovits

A First-Temple period seal has been discovered amidst piles of rubble from Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, an Israeli archaeologist said Tuesday, in what could prove to be an historic find.

The small – less than 1 cm – seal impression, or bulla, discovered Tuesday by Bar-Ilan University archaeologist Dr. Gabriel Barkay amidst piles . . . → Read More: First Temple-era seal discovered

Persian festival celebrates autumn

By Andrew Edwards

Mehregan, a major holiday in Persian traditions, is being celebrated this weekend at the Orange County Fairgrounds. The two-day event, which is set to wrap up today, is being called the Persian Harvest Festival in English. Mehregan is one of Persian culture’s two most important holidays and is a celebration of the . . . → Read More: Persian festival celebrates autumn

Wicker Man is reborn

By Senay Boztas

The long-awaited follow-up to cult movie The Wicker Man is to begin shooting in Scotland early next year. The original director, Robin Hardy, who will also be at the helm of the new movie, Cowboys For Christ, has told the Sunday Herald he will start filming in March. The film “revisits the . . . → Read More: Wicker Man is reborn