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October 2005
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U.S. envoy says insults hurtful

By Stewart Bell

U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins “respectfully disagreed” yesterday with undiplomatic comments by his Canadian counterpart Frank McKenna, who called the United States government dysfunctional. A day after Mr. McKenna, Canada’s ambassador to Washington, told an audience in Toronto that his host country largely does not work, Mr. Wilkins responded that while such talk . . . → Read More: U.S. envoy says insults hurtful

Why the Elders don’t come around here much anymore

By Sylvana

I often hear the question among young local pagans: Do we have any elders? If so, who and where are they?

The Seattle pagan community does include people whom many consider “elders.” They are out there running their covens and doing their thing. Some are still visible and accessible — although these days, . . . → Read More: Why the Elders don’t come around here much anymore

Creating the Life We Dream

By Elleise

Whether we are looking to retire soon, change what we do for a living, or desire romance in our life, thoughts determine very much the circumstances surrounding us. By understanding timing is only a portion of an unfolding event we can turn our thoughts into action creating the life we dream.

When our . . . → Read More: Creating the Life We Dream

The Libra New Moon

By Dana Gerhardt

“I feel like I’m living through a hurricane,” was the message left on my answering machine. It was not a call from someone in the Gulf states. When Katrina tore through New Orleans, when the pre-Rita exodus snarled Texas highways out of town, I heard from many people whose lives had been . . . → Read More: The Libra New Moon

The Ouija Board

By Tim Boucher

Ouija BoardThe Ouija Board traces its roots to spiritualist practices of the mid-nineteenth century using “talking boards”?, planchettes and pendulums, and perhaps indirectly beyond that to divinatory and shamanistic practices throughout history.

The board as we know it today though came into use in 1901 when a businessman named William Fuld stole . . . → Read More: The Ouija Board

“Advocates for Animals” targets Winnipeg zoo

Advocates for Animals, a Scottish animal advocacy group, is turning its attention to Debbie, a polar bear that Winnipeg zoo officials describe as their “pride and joy.” Debbie, 30, is reputedly the oldest polar bear in captivity.

Advocates for Animals, and other European animal rights activists, are currently involved in a tussle over another polar . . . → Read More: “Advocates for Animals” targets Winnipeg zoo

Dealing with pumpkin haters

It seems strange to be thinking about Halloween but the stores have been focusing on it for several weeks now. Christians have three conflicting views of Halloween. The majority believe it is all in fun and that it is like any other Hallmark holiday.

The opponents of the day point to the witches and ghouls . . . → Read More: Dealing with pumpkin haters

West Greenwich’s vampire

It is undeniably an ominous looking place. When approaching from Plain Meetinghouse Road, the old white church with its boarded windows and peeling green trim seems almost misplaced, rising oddly from the dense woods surrounding it on all four sides. But there it sits on its quiet corner, as it has since 1825. The cemetery . . . → Read More: West Greenwich’s vampire

LETTER: Satan’s bluff is called

What happened in Great Falls too shall pass. Jesus, Satan, witchcraft, wizard, and other principalities are spiritual matters. Why are you addressing them in the court of law? Why not bring the issues in the spiritual realm? The Bible declares that Satan is the prince of the air. I, Jean Minyem, am a minister . . . → Read More: LETTER: Satan’s bluff is called

Dream Symbols – Circle, Ring

By Parthena Black

The circle is the perfect expression of infinity, continuity and connection. It has no beginning and no end, with no turns or corners in between. This perfect geometric shape symbolizes the center and perfection of the self in its wholeness.

When someone has transitioned through all aspects of life and has returned . . . → Read More: Dream Symbols – Circle, Ring