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Student message was a bad idea

By Jeff Hall

For the past few days, I have talking with pagans. Well, not face to face. E-mails from self-described pagans in Louisiana, California and other states have filled my computer’s in-basket. No, they’re not trying to convert me to worshipping trees or animal spirits. They were reacting to an article we ran last Thursday concerning a “See You at the Pole”? event held at North High School. From what I understand, district administrators have also been inundated with similar communications.

What the pagans “” and please remember, this is how they describe themselves “” found “disturbing”? about the article was how these young people wrote down on small pieces of paper the names of “non-Christian students”? at the school and nailed them to a cross they brought to accompany the prayer service.

Read the original article at: Cushing Daily Citizen

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