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God’s existence rests with the individual, not science

By Ken Cowan

Arbibi Ashoy’s letter God’s existence, mathematically initially appears to be interesting, but a closer scrutiny of it, or even familiarity with basic physics for that matter, shows that it has several faults. First off, not all religions believe in one god. The Greeks certainly did not, nor did the Mayans, the Celts or countless other religions. The idea of a monotheistic religion first appeared during the Egyptian reign of Amenhotep IV, also known as Akhenaten, and disappeared for centuries following his death.

The current idea of a single god, so in vogue at the present point in history, is a comparatively recent development in the history of global religion. Even in many modern religions, such as Wicca, the idea of a single deity is denied. To state that, ‘All religions believe in one God, just the name differs’ then, is folly, or ignorance, at best.

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