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Brothers Not Only Grim, but Dull

By Justin Kassube

The Brothers Grimm takes place in French-occupied Germany, in the late 1700s. Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm, played by Matt Damon and Heath Ledger respectively, are two con artists, playing local villages and hamlets for fools, setting up fake monsters and curses and charging the local bumpkins to get rid of them. When . . . → Read More: Brothers Not Only Grim, but Dull

Which Witch is Which?

By L. Lisa Harris

On Saturday, August 17, my family and I had the opportunity to attend a “meet and greet” sponsored by the Northwest Council of Covenant of the Goddess (COG). Members of various traditions, practitioners of different paths and founders of assorted groups were invited to share information and resources in a social . . . → Read More: Which Witch is Which?

Fundamentalist radicals at home are just as scary as those abroad

By G. Jefferson Price III

The similarities among the radical wings of religious fundamentalism are striking and frightening. In Iran, for example, the mullahs issue fatwas, the exhortations to assassinate people they don’t like. The most notorious of these in recent times was the fatwa issued in 1989 by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini against the Indian-born . . . → Read More: Fundamentalist radicals at home are just as scary as those abroad

Aura Color Information

By Lauren Ravenstar

When we talk about color in the aura we usually perceive the colors in the second layer of the aura, the emotional body. You may start to see the aura and possibly detect colors if you ask a friend to co-operate by standing in front of a plain wall. Relax and soft . . . → Read More: Aura Color Information

No symbol of evil

In Mike Marland’s political cartoon regarding the Pat Robertson controversy, the TV evangelist is shown standing between God and the Devil, with the former asking whose side he is on. What irks me about this cartoon is that the evil one is drawn with a pentagram around his neck.

Let’s get one thing straight: The . . . → Read More: No symbol of evil

Living in Season: Mid Autumn Moon

By Waverly Fitzgerald

August and September are usually the hottest times of the year here in Seattle, so I’m really looking forward to one of the coolest festivals of the year, the Mid Autumn Moon Festival, celebrated on the full moon closest to autumn equinox, the moon that we in the West call the . . . → Read More: Living in Season: Mid Autumn Moon

The Pirate Queen

By Susanna Duffy

The story of Gráinne Ni Mháille or Grace O’Malley is a most wild adventure, a spine-tingling story of plunder, piracy, kidnapping, brutality, betrayal, and one of formidable courage. Grania of Ireland was one of the most remarkable women who ever lived. The O’Malleys, once hereditary lords of Umhall, have been known as . . . → Read More: The Pirate Queen

Canada loses latest softwood ruling

After a string of wins, Canada has lost a softwood decision. The World Trade Organization has ruled the U.S. did comply with international law when it imposed duties on Canadian softwood.

The WTO issued the confidential ruling Monday. Canadian officials confirmed the decision. The WTO said that the U.S. acted properly when it issued a . . . → Read More: Canada loses latest softwood ruling

Officer Cleared In ‘Druid’-Related Traffic Stop

An internal investigation has cleared a reserve officer with the Greer Police Department of any wrongdoing in connection with a traffic stop that sparked a religious controversy. Tony Stewart has been a volunteer officer with the department for 14 years.

In June, Stewart cited motorist Tony Gainey for driving with a suspended license, not having . . . → Read More: Officer Cleared In ‘Druid’-Related Traffic Stop

The Acropolis Of Athens

By Dennis L. Siluk

I think I read most of – if not all of – Mary Renault’s books on Greece, and in 1995, went there, to Athens, and a few islands thereabouts. But I spent most of my time around the Acropolis; I think I fell in love with its image. I’d sit down . . . → Read More: The Acropolis Of Athens