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Meet your friendly neighborhood herbalist

By Kaitlin Melanson

Though all the houses along Central Street look similar, the inside of one is far different from the rest. Margi Flint of 10 Central St. is far from your ordinary neighbor. Flint is the owner of Earthsong Herbals, which she has run for 30 years, gladly helping her community of Marblehead with . . . → Read More: Meet your friendly neighborhood herbalist

Lughnasad crafts and activities for children

By M.S. Beltran

Looking for some great Lughnasadh crafts and activities for your kids this harvest season? Liven up Lammas with some of these ideas.

Bake some bread There is no activity more suited for Lughnasadh than bread baking. Lughnasadh is the first of the harvest festivals, and the predominant symbol of the season is . . . → Read More: Lughnasad crafts and activities for children

Acadians remember painful history

By Alison Auld

Earl Muise bowed his head and placed a small bouquet of white lilies on the base of a waterfront monument, thinking only of his unknown ancestors forced out of the country hundreds of years ago.

Under a blazing hot sun Thursday, the man recalled how his distant family was one of thousands . . . → Read More: Acadians remember painful history

Lughnasadh Rituals

By Rae Schwarz

Founded by Lugh, in honor of the passing of his mother Taillte, the holiday Lughnasadh came to be the first of the summer harvest festivals. The first fruits of summer and fresh grains are ready for picking at this time of year and the summer days are still quite long and warm. . . . → Read More: Lughnasadh Rituals

Making psychic connection

By Betty Beard

Inside Pandora’s Box there are statues of angels, tables for tarot card readings and two black cats named Magic and Psyche. Melynda Frost, a Chandler resident, opened the 5,000-square-foot business to give psychics and alternative healers a place to connect with people who want to use their services.

“It’s extremely difficult for . . . → Read More: Making psychic connection

Spirituality sector continues moving up

By Terry Mattingly

If someone had created a stock market for spirituality in the 1990s, all of the prime indicators would have gone off the charts. That made sense, the experts told CEO Steven Waldman. The economy was on fire and this new wealth caused many people to ask big questions. Times were good, . . . → Read More: Spirituality sector continues moving up

Christianity: It’s not a popularity thing

By Bill Peatman

Well, if you’ve read the Narnia books, there can be no doubt that C.S. Lewis wove his beloved Christianity into the story. I mention this story not to debate that fact, but because I was amazed by the writer’s assumption that something Christian – a book, a movie, perhaps even . . . → Read More: Christianity: It’s not a popularity thing

Druid Alphabet as Old as the Trees

Ten years ago Dean Montalbano and Suzanne La Cour sat down and started talking about strange markings on little wooden tiles. To an onlooker it might have been a bizarre scrabble set, and that’s not too far from the truth. The little wooden tiles each bare a “letter” from the Druid Tree alphabet, called Ogham . . . → Read More: Druid Alphabet as Old as the Trees

Planting trees may create deserts

Planting trees can create deserts, lower water tables and drain rivers, rather than filling them, claims a new report supported by the UK government. The findings – which may come as heresy to tree-lovers and most environmentalists – is an emerging new consensus among forest and water professionals.

“Common but misguided views about water management,”? . . . → Read More: Planting trees may create deserts


Christina Aubin

At Lughnasadh, the Wheel of the Year begins to shift from growing time to harvest time. The subtle changes of the waning sun that occurred at Summer Solstice becomes more evident as the balance of day and night seem to shift more dramatically. The slight seasonal changes in weather, and the declining arc . . . → Read More: Lughnasadh