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Canada approves same-sex marriage

By Alexander Panetta

It was fought in courtrooms, in legislatures, in street protests, and one of the most turbulent debates in Canadian history was settled Tuesday with a vote in Parliament. The House of Commons voted 158 to 133 to adopt controversial legislation that will make Canada the third country in the world to legalize . . . → Read More: Canada approves same-sex marriage

Pagan and New Age Publishing – July 2005

Whether you’re interested in books or healing decks, 2006 horoscopes or shamanic CD’s, there something for everyone this month! Some titles include:

*The Art of Wiccan Healing: A Practical Guide – Sally Morningstar *Faeriecraft: Treading the Path of Faerie Magic – Neil and Alicen Geddes-Ward *Your Chinese Horoscope 2006 – Neil Somerville *Foundations of Magic: . . . → Read More: Pagan and New Age Publishing – July 2005

Religious leaders’ poverty plea to G8

Senior British religious figures from all major faiths have sent an open letter to Prime Minister Tony Blair, urging him to press for a radical commitment to help the world’s poorest countries when he chairs next week’s Group of 8 industrialized nations summit at Gleneagles, Scotland.

The letter calls on the prime minister to “grasp . . . → Read More: Religious leaders’ poverty plea to G8

Wiccan woman who fought prayer plans to stay

(Great Falls-AP) The woman who fought the town of Great Falls all the way to the US Supreme Court over the Town Council’s opening prayers says she’s staying in the Chester County community.

Darla Wynne says she thinks people are trying to run her out of town, but Wynne says she’s staying. Wednesday, the US . . . → Read More: Wiccan woman who fought prayer plans to stay

Deal will limit water diversions

By Keith Leslie

Ont. and Que. have reached another tentative agreement with seven of eight Great Lakes states to limit large-scale water diversions after the province refused to sign a deal reached in 2004, The Canadian Press has learned. “A stronger Great Lakes agreement will be released for public comment on Thursday,” said Ginette Albert, . . . → Read More: Deal will limit water diversions

The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft

From shamanic shape shifting to food and drink, botanicals to sacred days, The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft ““ The Complete A to Z of the Entire Magical World is a fascinating and comprehensive celebration of all facets of witchcraft. From modern Wicca to Egyptian sorcery, Toltec shamanism to African Voudon, author Judith Illes explores the . . . → Read More: The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft

Early experience, not genes, shapes child abusers

by Gaia Vince

Child abuse may be more of a learnt behaviour than a genetic trait, new research on monkeys suggests. If true, the understanding may provide the opportunity to break the cycle of abuse that runs in some families. As many as 70% of parents who abuse their children were themselves abused while . . . → Read More: Early experience, not genes, shapes child abusers

The Not-So-Happy Meal

By Noy Thrupkaew

“McLibel” “” A new documentary about a 10-year legal battle against McDonald’s is full of drama, big butts, and heroism. “” McDonald’s turned 50 this year. And, like many 50-year-olds, Ronald is in the thick of a midlife crisis. Yet, in contrast with the pencil-pushing, righteous-living ways of many who feel the . . . → Read More: The Not-So-Happy Meal

Calling the Quarters: Air

By Karen Mitchell

Calling the Elemental Quarters is a step in circle casting that is often glossed over in beginner books, where the entire process of circle casting is usually covered in one chapter. The Quarters are the foundation of your circle, and the Quarter Calls are one of the more versatile portions of the . . . → Read More: Calling the Quarters: Air

5,000 birds die of avian flu in China

Avian flu has killed 5,000 wild birds in China’s northwest, the World Health Organization said Tuesday, five times the number previously reported by the Chinese government. Twenty birds a day are still dying in Qinghai province, but that rate is falling and the outbreak appears to be winding down, said a member of a WHO . . . → Read More: 5,000 birds die of avian flu in China