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PanFest is a community gathering of followers of the old religion; Pagans, Wiccans, Druids, Shamans, and Ceremonial Magickians from across Western Canada. PanFest is the largest public pagan festival on the prairies and is held in Central Alberta.

“It is a . . . → Read More: 6TH ANNUAL PANFEST

When Will Hollywood Get Witches Right?

By Ellen Leventry

They’re still stereotyping with witch burning, ugly hags, potions, and broomsticks.

In the recently reimagined “Bewitched,” young Isabel, a witch and actress, is cast in a remake of the titular show. Her father, played by Michael Caine, is disgusted, calling the show “an insult to our way of life.” While the television . . . → Read More: When Will Hollywood Get Witches Right?

S̩ances raise the dead Рor at least some doubts

By Dustin Walsh

Is it possible to communicate with the dead? Magicians and illusionists have made it their life’s work to convince the public that it is “” while making a buck or two in the process. But, is it real or illusion? Or perhaps a little of both?

A séance typically involves a . . . → Read More: Séances raise the dead – or at least some doubts

Ancient Egyptians ate lettuce to boost sex drive

by Rossella Lorenzi

The ancient Egyptians used lettuce as an aphrodisiac, according to an Italian researcher who claims to have solved a century-old archaeological puzzle. Lettuce has been known for its mild sedative and painkilling effects since Greek and Roman times. It owes its Latin name lactuca to lac or milk, the plant’s bitter white . . . → Read More: Ancient Egyptians ate lettuce to boost sex drive

Mother’s Helpers: Pagans

Author: Myrrha

This title may seem a little out of place with the subject of Paganism, but it isn’t really. Being Mother’s helpers is also a part of being Pagan/Wikkan. By Mother I mean Gaia, or Mother Earth. When you stop to think of it, all mankind is intrin- sicaly tied to Earth. There’s not . . . → Read More: Mother’s Helpers: Pagans

A Booklet on Hindu Festivals

Mysore, June 29 (DN)- It is seldom refuted that cultural invasion does not shake one’s religious belief, be it adopting to a new culture while in distant land or allowing a particular religious practice of an alien land to mingle with one’s own at home. Practising festivals and rituals are no different from other matters . . . → Read More: A Booklet on Hindu Festivals

The Fool Tarot Card : Meaning and Analysis

By June Kaminski

This newest feature presents a basic analysis of the entire Tarot Deck, one card at a time. The first card in review is the The Number 0 card of the Major Arcana: The Fool.

The Fool is one of three cards in the Tarot that is sometimes numbered uniquely, according to the . . . → Read More: The Fool Tarot Card : Meaning and Analysis

Alberta may stop solemnizing marriages

Alberta Premier Ralph Klein has suggested that his province may get out of the marriage business altogether in the wake of the passage of same-sex marriage legislation in the House of Commons Tuesday. Eight members of the provincial legislature, including Justice Minister Ron Stevens, met Wednesday morning to decide how to continue the fight against . . . → Read More: Alberta may stop solemnizing marriages

The World as the Vikings Saw It: Chaos to Cosmos

By Narayani Ganesh

Long before the people of Scandinavia took to Christianity, pagan Nordic spirituality had its own view of Creation. Indigenous Nordic peoples’ perception of the spiritual universe is sourced from poems and folklore that have survived through oral tradition since the time of the Vikings.

Snorri Sturluson, the 12th century Icelandic chieftain . . . → Read More: The World as the Vikings Saw It: Chaos to Cosmos

A Hollywood Witchcraft Primer

By Ellen Leventry

From the Wicked Witch of the West to Harry Potter, Hollywood has been altering the public’s perception of witches for decades.

In Hollywood, witches are either good witches or bad witches, to paraphrase “The Wizard of Oz,” and there’s very little in between. While several recent movies have been more accurate . . . → Read More: A Hollywood Witchcraft Primer