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S̩ances raise the dead Рor at least some doubts

By Dustin Walsh

Is it possible to communicate with the dead? Magicians and illusionists have made it their life’s work to convince the public that it is “” while making a buck or two in the process. But, is it real or illusion? Or perhaps a little of both?

A séance typically involves a congregation of people huddled around a table full of spirit-friendly objects “” typically, a bell, a cardboard “spirit” trumpet (poster board rolled into a cone), a chalkboard and mirror. The goal is to harness the collective energy of the participants to make contact. In turn, the spirit communicates back using the objects before them. The Fox sisters “” Kate, Margaretta and Leah “” of Hydesville, N.Y., were among the leading forerunners of paranormal communication. In 1848, they made claims of conversation with a spirit that haunted their home.

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