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The Not-So-Happy Meal

By Noy Thrupkaew

“McLibel” “” A new documentary about a 10-year legal battle against McDonald’s is full of drama, big butts, and heroism. “” McDonald’s turned 50 this year. And, like many 50-year-olds, Ronald is in the thick of a midlife crisis. Yet, in contrast with the pencil-pushing, righteous-living ways of many who feel the urge to indulge their inner adolescents, McDonald’s has gotten all the play out of the way.

The Happy Meal lifestyle couldn’t last forever, much as the joy that comes from shoving a Big Mac down your craw and following it with a haystack of fries turns inevitably bilious and dyspeptic. So now McDonald’s is on a bit of a health kick, pushing salads and apple slices instead of slobbery sandwiches and snotty apple pies. Deprived of the interior tick of mortality that often occasions a Porsche-buying spree, McDonald’s found an unusual motivation for its revamp: the one-two punch of Eric Schlosser’s “Fast Food Nation” and Morgan Spurlock’s garish science-project of a documentary, “Super Size Me.” After Schlosser exposed horrifying facts about the fast-food industry (there’s poo in the meat, dawg!)

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