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Salem not thrilled with ‘Bewitched’ statue

Not all Salem residents like the idea of a statue honoring the star of the TV show “Bewitched.” Thousands of tourists flock each year to the Massachusetts city made famous by the witch hysteria of 1692.

Some residents like Jean Harrison say the statue would be insensitive. She tells The Boston Globe that while . . . → Read More: Salem not thrilled with ‘Bewitched’ statue

‘Vampire’ Rapist Gets 10 Years

by Olwen Dudgeon

A drug-crazed rapist, who talked about vampires and the devil to his terrified victim after holding her prisoner, has been jailed for 10 years. Matthew Wilson also threatened to stab two men in the heart and to drink their blood when they went to the aid of the 28-year-old woman.

She . . . → Read More: ‘Vampire’ Rapist Gets 10 Years

Reflections On ‘Old Guard’ Paganism

Reflections On ‘Old Guard’ PaganismBy Mike Nicholsc/o The Magick Lantern BBS, March 23 19901715 Westport RoadKansas City, MO 6411

[This article may be reproduced and distributed exactly as is, without further permission of the author, provided it is offered free of charge. Changes in the text, however, must be approved in advance by the author.]

. . . → Read More: Reflections On ‘Old Guard’ Paganism

‘Deal with devil’ budget helps students

By Colin Perkel

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper may think it’s a deal with the devil, but Prime Minister Paul Martin’s revised $4.6-billion budget agreement with the New Democrats sounds downright heavenly to those who stand to benefit. While the precarious state of the Liberal government means the financial blueprint may never see the light of . . . → Read More: ‘Deal with devil’ budget helps students

Senseless horror of the seal hunt

By Lorraine Nicotera

More than 105,000 seals are already dead in Canada, and that’s just the beginning. Observers from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (, who just came back from the ice, have witnessed many acts of cruelty and suffering from clubbed baby seals left in agony while hunters moved quickly onto the . . . → Read More: Senseless horror of the seal hunt

The Merry Month of May

By Susanna Duffy

Beltane, is one of the most important festivals of the pagan year traditionally marking the arrival of summer in ancient times

With its counterpart Samhain, Beltane divides the year into its two primary seasons, winter the Dark Part and summer the Light Part. It’s the festival of fertility, celebrating beginnings and . . . → Read More: The Merry Month of May

God? Sure, whatever

A new book says that 80 percent of American teens believe in God — but their God is a buddy who props up their self-esteem, and many don’t even know who Jesus was.

By Carlene Bauer

Between real-life stories of lonely kids shooting their way out of despair and culture makers who can’t stop fetishizing . . . → Read More: God? Sure, whatever

Witchcraft Warning Sounded

Health Deputy Minister Petrina Haingura has called on people across the country to stop linking HIV-AIDS-related diseases to witchcraft, and to rather take charge and go for voluntary tests to know their HIV status.

Haingura told a number of women from various churches over the weekend that the time had come for all Namibians to . . . → Read More: Witchcraft Warning Sounded

Creating babies to cure sick siblings

LONDON – Using in vitro fertilization to create a baby that might cure sick siblings was ruled legally acceptable by Britain’s highest appeal court on Thursday. The Law Lords upheld a Court of Appeal ruling in 2003 that said some couples using fertility treatment could get their embryos screened for tissue matches for gravely ill . . . → Read More: Creating babies to cure sick siblings

Jailed witch to sue

By Liam Houlihan and Kate Uebergang

ONE of Victoria’s most notorious sex offenders is suing to stop Christian courses in the state’s prisons because he says they discriminate against his rights as a witch.

Robin Fletcher, who is serving a 10-year sentence for drugging, enslaving, sexually assaulting and prostituting two 15-year-old girls, is using Victoria’s . . . → Read More: Jailed witch to sue