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The Value Of Faith

By Wayne Adkins

Faith is what bridges the gap between evidence and belief for many people. It allows people to believe in that which they cannot prove is out there. It is the chosen vehicle, according to the Bible, for salvation. So how valuable does that make faith compared to evidence? If we were capable of presenting empirical evidence that God exists and has a plan for us, would faith be necessary? Would belief based on evidence save us the same as belief based on faith? If belief must be based on faith and not evidence, then faith is infinitely more valuable than empirical evidence.

What if you have faith in Islam? What if you have faith in astrology? What if you have faith that a spacecraft behind the Hale Bopp Comet is coming to pick you up? What is the value of faith then? Christians would say that faith must be placed only in Jesus Christ. Those who place their faith elsewhere will be rewarded with hell rather than heaven. So what is the value of misplaced faith?

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