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The changing face of May Day

May Day is a holiday in many parts of the world, but the day means different things to different people. For some it is a time to celebrate spring, for others a day to remember the workers of the world. The origins of May Day go back at least to Saxon England.

Some people believe . . . → Read More: The changing face of May Day

In the light of the moon

As the moon waxes and wanes, your emotions may respond. Denise Cullen finds out how to become more in tune with the lunar cycle. Don’t you just love those days when you leap out of bed with loads of energy and everything goes your way? But have you experienced the flip side – those mornings . . . → Read More: In the light of the moon

The May pole lady

By Paul Gately

Dorothy Wilde will celebrate May Day again this year, but the traditional May pole party in her front yard in Bourne will be a bit different. “We used to hold it May 1, but it would be too cold,” Wilde says. “So we’ll celebrate the third Sunday in May this year. You . . . → Read More: The May pole lady

Ghost hunters investigate Kingston home

By Emily Quirk

Ever since the Kuzarian family purchased a Depot Road home in 1986, Yvette said strange things have been happening. Fly nests covered the house windows, she said. Random objects started to levitate, she said. She said they heard voices and saw people in their 30-year-old house and yard.

Yvette Kuzarian said it . . . → Read More: Ghost hunters investigate Kingston home

The Claddagh Ring

By Susanna Duffy

The design of the Claddagh ring is remarkable – two hands joined together to support a single heart, and upon the heart a crown. Its motto – ‘let love and friendship reign’.

Worn on the right hand, with crown and heart facing out, the ring tells that the wearer’s heart is yet . . . → Read More: The Claddagh Ring

Best of the fests

By Alastair Jamieson

Also taking place this weekend is the Beltane Fire Festival, celebrating the arrival of summer (it usually rains) with a mix of fire, costume, drums and pagan ritual on Calton Hill. Beltane is thought to have derived from a Gaelic-Celtic word meaning “bright/sacred fire”, and coincided with the ancient pastoral event . . . → Read More: Best of the fests

Healing through dance and movement

We were born with an instinct for movement. As babies we express by movement, even before we learn to speak. While playing or dancing to music, the body language of little children is completely at ease. This movement is suppressed in adulthood.

In most ancient cultures, rhythmic movement and dance were an integral part of . . . → Read More: Healing through dance and movement

The Value Of Faith

By Wayne Adkins

Faith is what bridges the gap between evidence and belief for many people. It allows people to believe in that which they cannot prove is out there. It is the chosen vehicle, according to the Bible, for salvation. So how valuable does that make faith compared to evidence? If we were capable . . . → Read More: The Value Of Faith

Sturgeons At Root of Ogopogo Legend?

By Jennifer Feinberg

Mystery sturgeon surfaces at Cultus “” The dark-coloured sturgeon that turned up at Cultus Lake this week surprised everyone who got a glimpse of it. The ancient-looking fish was caught in a gillnet at the lake Tuesday by a fisheries crew member.

The crew members had been working on the pikeminnow . . . → Read More: Sturgeons At Root of Ogopogo Legend?

Town does May Day the Wicker way

By Julia Houston

Christopher Lee starred in the original film Dancing round a maypole is far too tame for the residents of Glossop, who, it seems, prefer to gather round a bonfire and burn a Wicker Man. For the third year running, the High Peak market town will hold a day of Celtic celebrations not . . . → Read More: Town does May Day the Wicker way