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Devil may care

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction doesn’t want its inmates practicing kook religions like Wicca and Satanism. So it went before the state Supreme Court to argue against letting prisoners have quartz crystals and Celtic runes.

State Solicitor Douglas Cole made a novel argument: He claimed that allowing prisoners to freely practice offbeat religions would violate the separation of church and state by providing an incentive to be holy. If the court didn’t find in ODRC’s favor, he claimed, getting religion would become “the No. 1 way to get privileges.”

Clearly, Cole didn’t read Scene’s November 19, 2003 story “Captive Audience,” which documented exactly the phenomenon he described. In this case, however, it was the Jesus freaks running the prison system who were handing out privileges to those who joined Promise Keepers or secured a spot in a religious dorm.

Read the original article at: The Scene

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