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Mordor vs. Insane Christiantity

By Al Cronkrite

Government involves the exertion of power and power exerted without the restraint of principle turns quickly to perversion. Make no mistake; those who covet positions in government seek power over their fellow human beings. This principle is well understood by Anarchists who disdain government in any form.

Power properly exerted is a blessing; power exerted without authority and with the intention of forcing ones human opinion on others, is tyranny. America has embarked on a course that intends to impose “Democracy” on vulnerable parts of the world, if necessary at the point of a gun. The name of this procedure is “imperialism”.

Among the forces involved in this noxious endeavor are:
1. Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) New World order zealots.
2. Zionist Jewish neo-Pharisees (NeoCons).
3. Evangelical Christians. (With Dispensational naivety)
4. The media – newspapers, and television.
5. Many belligerent American citizens.

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