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The True Meaning of Kamasutra

By Mabel Iam

For many people – especially in the Western world – Kamasutra is merely a colletion of different love-making positions, a combination of acrobatics and pornography. But for the Eastern mind, the true meaning of Kamasutra reaches beyond this purely physical interpretation. For them, sex – in all of its forms – is . . . → Read More: The True Meaning of Kamasutra

Mordor vs. Insane Christiantity

By Al Cronkrite

Government involves the exertion of power and power exerted without the restraint of principle turns quickly to perversion. Make no mistake; those who covet positions in government seek power over their fellow human beings. This principle is well understood by Anarchists who disdain government in any form.

Power properly exerted is a . . . → Read More: Mordor vs. Insane Christiantity

Global Warming Led To Permian Extinction

Volcanic eruptions in Siberia 251 million years ago may have started a cascade of events leading to high hydrogen sulfide levels in the oceans and atmosphere and precipitating the largest mass extinction in Earth’s history, according to a Penn State geoscientist.

“The recent dating of the Siberian trap volcanoes to be contemporaneous with the end-Permian . . . → Read More: Global Warming Led To Permian Extinction

Babies learn sign language to communicate

By Julie Saccone

Carefully positioning their thumbs while clenching their fingers in a fist, a group of mothers stare into the eyes of their bewildered babies while repeating aloud the word “milk.” The young infants let out shrills, smiles and babbles as their mothers, with voices rising and falling in excitement, repeat the sign and . . . → Read More: Babies learn sign language to communicate

For me, but not for thee

By Lady Liberty

Most Americans seem to have at least a limited understanding of the Bill of Rights. They may be unclear as to whether or not the Bill of Rights grants them specific rights or not (it doesn’t; it acknowledges certain rights and prohibits the government from interfering with them).

They may not understand . . . → Read More: For me, but not for thee

Marijuana Party founder joins Liberals

The leader of the Marijuana Party, who ran against Prime Minister Paul Martin in the 2004 general election, has quit and joined the Liberals. Marc-Boris St-Maurice, who won 221 votes in the riding of LaSalle-Emard in last year’s election, announced Monday that he had resigned in December to join Martin’s party. St-Maurice has led the . . . → Read More: Marijuana Party founder joins Liberals

The Pleasures of Bath

We didn’t have a bath in the Roman baths in Bath. No one does, nowadays: certainly not the way the Romans did. Men and women bathed naked, together, exchanged gossip; had themselves oiled, massaged, steamed, scrubbed, depilated, listened to philosophers and learned discourses; even conducted their business in the baths.

These were social centres, . . . → Read More: The Pleasures of Bath

Eight youths in court over ‘witchcraft’ arson

Eight boys between the ages of 14 and 18 appeared in the Giyani Magistrate’s Court today in connection with the witchcraft-related torching of a number of huts in the area last week. According to the control prosecutor police were still searching for a number of other youths in connection with the incidents.

The youths who . . . → Read More: Eight youths in court over ‘witchcraft’ arson

Ancient earth drawings older than Nazca lines

Archeologists have discovered a group of figures scraped into the hills of Peru’s southern coastal desert that are believed to predate the country’s famous Nazca lines. About 50 giant figures were etched into the earth over an area roughly 145 square kilometres near the city of Palpa, El Comercio newspaper reported.

The drawings – which . . . → Read More: Ancient earth drawings older than Nazca lines

Eagle kill casts eye on illegal market

By Greg Joyce

The slaughter of at least 40 eagles is a reminder of the age-old adage of supply and demand and there appears to be a growing market for feathers and talons of the majestic birds. Like ivory tusks, bear gall bladders and other prized animal parts, a particular type of eagle feather . . . → Read More: Eagle kill casts eye on illegal market