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Indigo children

By Beth Jones

Beth Evason counseled children with suicidal tendencies in Dayton, Ohio, in the 1980s. They often told her the same thing. Nobody hears me. I don’t know how to do this. It wasn’t until about 10 years ago that Evason found out that a phrase had been coined for those kids who were . . . → Read More: Indigo children

Fox News host slams CBC documentary

Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly has lashed out at a CBC documentary featuring guests who were highly critical of his show. “Vicious attack on Fox News by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, totally out of any kind of bounds,” said O’Reilly in his response Friday night to the Fifth Estate broadcast on Jan. 26.

“How . . . → Read More: Fox News host slams CBC documentary

King Cormac’s Cup

An Irish Tale

King Cormac had faults. They were not what would be faults in you or me, but they were faults in a King. In the first place, he believed every tale that was told him. In the second place, he would give anything he had for anything that was brought to him. And . . . → Read More: King Cormac’s Cup

Circle Craft: Full Moon Rituals

by Selena Fox

Full Moon time is a wonderful time for doing rituals. Here are some examples of Full Moon rituals I have created as part of my practice of the Circle Craft tradition:

Greeting the Rising Moon

When possible, do this rite outdoors in a natural setting. As the sun is setting, . . . → Read More: Circle Craft: Full Moon Rituals

Cosmic oddity casts doubt

A new analysis of the “echo” of the Big Bang has left cosmologists scratching their heads and could throw a monkey wrench into efforts to understand how the universe began.

U.S. and European scientists analyzed the distribution of “hot” and “cold” regions — areas that are putting out greater or less amounts of energy than . . . → Read More: Cosmic oddity casts doubt

El Pasoan still searching for mystery rocks’ origin

Erica Molina

Stanton James is searching for the origin of two rocks he bought about three years ago from a man for $5. Wrapped in plastic bubble sheets and kept out of harm’s way, plain-looking gray rocks continue to perplex Stanton James, a Northeast man who came across them more than three years ago.

. . . → Read More: El Pasoan still searching for mystery rocks’ origin

How to Make St. Brighid’s Cross

Rushes are the traditional material for the St. Briget’s Cross. All materials should be blessed before construction. If you use rushes be sure to keep them wet but not too wet as they will mold and rot. To avoid the mess I have found that ordinary plastic drinking straws left in their white wrappers are . . . → Read More: How to Make St. Brighid’s Cross

Italy’s ‘Beasts of Satan’ Face Murder Trial

By Tracy Wilkinson

Eight members of a group allegedly involved in devil worship and drugs are charged in three killings. The Vatican takes notice. The remains were unearthed northwest of here, from a 6-foot pit of dirt and bones. The accused killers called themselves the Beasts of Satan. A 27-year-old named Andrea Volpe led investigators . . . → Read More: Italy’s ‘Beasts of Satan’ Face Murder Trial

Ailing man ‘had enough’

‘I want to die, I’m going to die,’ 78-year-old with chronic pain says before going inside his home; Man announced his suicide plans in a bid to spark debate on the right to die with dignity

A 78-year-old man who was tired of living in pain and had publicly announced his plan to commit suicide, . . . → Read More: Ailing man ‘had enough’

Finding Meanings in your Dreams

By Parthena Black

In our busy lives, we often have days when we feel “off” or unsettled in our jobs or relationships. Many of us are so busy caring for everyone else that we are lucky to meet ourselves coming or going. When we don’t take the time to assess our own needs, we can . . . → Read More: Finding Meanings in your Dreams