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Mexico’s ‘Nectar of the Gods’ Dies a Slow Death

By Chris Aspin

In Aztec times, pulque was the highly esteemed drink of the elders, priests and warriors, a nectar that according to myth oozed from the 400 breasts of the goddess Mayahuel. In modern Mexico, the foamy, slightly viscous and foul-smelling booze is slowly disappearing, a victim of the rising popularity of beer and of failing to shake off its image as a poor man’s tipple.

The drink, the fermented sap of the agave or maguey plant, remains the same but the change in perception — from nectar to nasty — is central to its recent demise. At the turn of the 20th century, there were 1,500 pulque bars in Mexico City. Now there are around 100, many squalid dives only frequented by the old and poor.

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