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Adventures in American Theocracy

(Part 1) The Pequot War
By Mark W. Bradley

As a California public school teacher, I have witnessed, over the past decade, a gradual evolution in the content standards that govern the teaching of social studies in our state’s middle schools. I use the term “evolution”? advisedly here, for no matter how diligently I search these standards, I find in them no evidence of “intelligent design,”? human or celestial. There is abundant evidence of something else, however, namely an attempt by state legislators to pack these standards so tightly with historical minutia, as to necessitate the abandonment of broader historical issues, largely due to time constraints. This trend is, I suspect, not entirely accidental.

Even so, there are some cherished social movements that seem to take precedence over others. Consider, for instance, that our 8th grade American History courses commence, not with the study of pre-Columbian cultures in North America, nor even with a cursory glance into the genocidal practices of the Spanish, Dutch and English “settlers”? on this continent, but rather with the advent of the so-called “Great Awakening,”? a feverish attempt by early 18th Century evangelicals to revive “traditional moral values”? among the population.

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