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Ritual, Magick & How Pagans will Save the World

We, the inheritors of Western Civilization, are members of the only non-ritualizing culture in the world. (If you can find me another let me know, but I haven’t found one [China]).

Starting with Martin Luther’s Hammer blow on October 31st, 1517 (yes, Samhain, go figure), the West began a project of de-ritualizing itself. The Roman Catholic context in which it was operating was at best stale and at worst corrupt.

We all know the story of the sale of indulgences but we can also point to the alienation of the common folk from the rituals of the Church, being in Latin and, some might argue, being of a transcendentalist theology that had little relation to the lives of the people. Superstition, the performance of ritual activities without cognizance of their meaning, had set in.

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