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Gem of an artist

By Theresa Winslow

For Helen Serras-Herman, the daily grind is the whir of a tiny drill on sparkling quartz, brilliant opal and maybe some vivid ocean jasper. Those are just a few of the gemstones Mrs. Serras-Herman fashions into one-of-kind sculptures and jewelry.

The Davidsonville resident’s been grinding, carving and polishing gems to create these . . . → Read More: Gem of an artist

No spells for this ‘witch’

By Mike Rocha

As dusk approaches Sunday, Bay City witch Michael S. Sova will busy himself over a hot task — grilling a steak for the dead. Sova will prepare the meal and place it on his living room coffee table in hopes it will please an unseen visitor. The last touch is a lit . . . → Read More: No spells for this ‘witch’

Ogress Queen

An Indian (Kashmiri) Tale

People tell a story about a king who had seven wives but no children. When he married the first woman, he thought she would bear him a son. When she didn’t, he married a second with the same hope. When she too turned out to be barren, he married a third, . . . → Read More: Ogress Queen

The Lore of the Door

By Wren Walker

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is-infinite.” – (William Blake)

Doors have been a key figure in many myths, legends and local folklore. How many of us have heard “The Lady and The Tiger” tale? Here the hero must choose between opening a door to life . . . → Read More: The Lore of the Door

Patriot Act fights terror not Canadian privacy

By Dirk Meissner

The United States is willing to review a British Columbia report that concludes the U.S. Patriot Act has the power to eyeball private information about Canadians, Paul Cellucci, the U.S. ambassador to Canada, said Friday. The U.S., like Canada, is concerned about protecting the privacy rights of its citizens, but when . . . → Read More: Patriot Act fights terror not Canadian privacy

Halloween’s a big event for Wiccans

By Casey Lyons

Doors creak a little louder, the moon seems to be shrouded by a thin veil of clouds, and everywhere, just beyond the eye’s periphery, something dark seems to be moving without a noise. Halloween is the time of year to don the old witch’s hat, paint the face green, hop on the . . . → Read More: Halloween’s a big event for Wiccans

Did humans once hibernate like bears?

The Sun examines winter depression and a possible link to a unique human form of hibernation. We also tell you why winters are darker in the Lower Mainland than in any other major Canadian centre.

By Chad Skelton

Like a vise grip, sunrise and sunset move ever closer at this time of year — . . . → Read More: Did humans once hibernate like bears?

Bush, Kerry condemn bin Laden message

U.S. President George W. Bush and Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry appeared to find common ground in reaction to Osama bin Laden’s video appearance on al-Jazeera. Borrowing a line from Bush, Kerry responded to the tape by saying the United States should do “whatevever it takes” to hunt down bin Laden and members of his . . . → Read More: Bush, Kerry condemn bin Laden message

Witches no fantasy to pagan believers

By Jeff Wright

Nine-year-old Luna Sansone thinks she may want to be an artist when she grows up. Or a witch. But not just any witch. “I want to be a real witch,” she says, “someone who makes herbs and things, and helps people make lots of tea, and makes protective spells.”

In . . . → Read More: Witches no fantasy to pagan believers

Pan’s people

Whatever it was that Arthur Machen encountered in the Welsh woods one long-ago summer, it utterly changed his life. Richard Stanley on Ritual and Other Stories

Ritual and Other Stories by Arthur Machen 390pp, Tartarus Press, £35

Mankind in its arrogance knows little of the earth. Even as we plunder the dying oceans and . . . → Read More: Pan’s people