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Be a Witch For Me!

By Moonshadow

Well, this year it started earlier than before and I’m not sure what that means. Usually anytime after October 1 is open season on Witches – as if we don’t exist at any other time of the year. During the month leading up to Halloween, we are expected to make ourselves available for interviews, pictures, and all sorts of public appearances, then fade back into the shadows like ghosts until next October. Most people, aside from the cult-obsessed religious fundies, forget Witches exist until the first chill of Autumn arrives, pumpkins and skeletons appear everywhere, and then their minds turn to things scary and forbidden.

Scary and forbidden, Witches are NOT! I’ve spent over twenty years trying to get this across to people, through letters to the editors of newspapers, by faithfully allowing reporters to interview me every October, even appearing as a Witch on the front page of Pittsburgh most widely circulated free newspaper. My picture as a Witch looked just like any other average 44 year old woman of medium height and weight, bespectacled and maybe with a bit more reddish hair than usual, but otherwise boringly normal. The reporter wanted me to pose in ritual garb but I refused.

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