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There are such things as monsters

By Thoman Shapley

Officials at the Puyallup School District should be haunted by their decision to essentially cancel Halloween. It’s not that they took political correctness to unassailable heights of absurdity in guarding witches from untoward stereotyping.

And it’s not that they may have used political correctness to cover back-door obeisance to the regular torch-and-pitchfork mob of religious wing nuts who would ban any hint of “the occult” from education or literature accessible to kids. (You may remember when the scary folks in the state Republican Party drafted a platform in 1992 that called for banning the teaching of sex education, witchcraft, multiculturalism and even yoga from public schools. A curse may linger over Yakima still.)

No, what will haunt the Puyallup officials is that they’re party-poopers.

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