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The Lore of the Door

By Wren Walker

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is-infinite.” – (William Blake)

Doors have been a key figure in many myths, legends and local folklore. How many of us have heard “The Lady and The Tiger” tale? Here the hero must choose between opening a door to life and happiness (presumably with the Lady) and a door to sudden death (Tigers are known to eat humans for snack food). Doors, as in this tale, often symbolize choices or decisions.

Even now I hear cat owners all over the world saying “C’mon…. either you’re in or you’re out…I can’t stand here all day…Make up your mind already!” I began thinking about doors in a magickal sense when I ran across a reference while reading a book. The author stated that the word “threshold” came from the same root word as “tree” and, more obviously, to “thresh”. Since this also brought to mind the link between the word “dur” (door) being the common term for “wood” and hence to “druid” as “people of the oak”, my Capricorn need to make sense out of seemingly random references was unleashed. I opened the “door” to speculation.

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