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Tasty cactus pears keep fans a-prickle

By Laramie Treviño

Tunas, the fruits of the prickly pear cactus, currently at their zenith, hold a special place in my corazon. They also are a favorite of Sicilians, Syrians and other cultures. A native-born Israeli is called a sabra, the word for tunas that means soft on the inside and tough on the outside. In Bay Area communities, tunas is the most common term used by devotees and the agriculture industry for the fruit also called cactus pear and Indian fig.

To harvest them, you’ve got to be motivated in deviant fashion, highly skilled or just doggone dumb, as I was on my inaugural harvest of this pin- cushion-like orb at the age of 5 during a visit to the homeland in Mexico’s Guanajuato state. Early in our stay, I was served tunas with flesh akin to kiwi fruit, taste like sweet, ripe melon and seeds that went down easily; I couldn’t wait to eat more of them.

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