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Christianity elbows out nature-worship in Arunachal

Though political parties promise to preserve traditional tribal culture, they are mum when it comes to the protection of indigenous faiths. In mid-1970s, at Lap Tap, a remote village of Arunachal Pradesh, Tana Sukia and his wife Tana Opu were anxiously hoping for a miracle to save their second-son Tagi, who had been suffering from multiple chronic ailments since birth. The farmer couple trekked down to a faraway dispensary months after months to save their ailing child.

The medicines did not work. Sukia and Opu, who worshiped Donyi Polo (the Sun-Moon God), went to the local priests and sacrificed a number of animals. “But nothing worked. My parents then sought help from a neo-Christian who was ex-communicated by the villagers for not worshipping Donyi Polo. They took me to him late at night. They did not have to spend a penny. Some prayers were performed and by next morning, I was fine,”? Tagi, now in his mid-30s, recalls.

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